Recommended Retail Price:

Complete travel system £499.00. Buggy with raincover £310.00. Carrycot £130.00. Curve Group 0+ infant carrier £79.99


When used as a travel system baby can be placed in either the large sized carrycot or the car seat from birth, and from 6 months he can also be placed in the pushchair seat which has 3 recline positions and can be either forward or rearward facing.


The Neyo is feature packed and includes height adjustable handle, height adjustable foot and back rests, sun canopy, shopping basket, raincover, one handed unfold system, lockable swivel wheels and a large shopping basket.


What’s In The Box?

Chassis, Pushchair seat, Rain cover, Carrycot and 1Carseat.

First Impressions:

When I first pulled the pram out of the box I loved the eye catching chrome chassis. I also thought it was very compact, which I think is always a good thing. The stroller was very easy to put together (no instructions required – although I did check I’d done everything right before I put my daughter in it for the first time!). I thought the frame was very solid and strong and found it very easy to work out how to use all of it’s features. I thought the carrycot was gorgeous and loved the additional support from the base of it to the chassis of the pram. It was very sturdy and also looked very cosy –perfect for a newborn. The car seat was also very smart and I particularly liked how the hood was attached to the handle by poppers. It’s fantastic that it fits directly onto the pram chassis without the need for adaptors.

Adjustable handlebars

Seat and Recline:

The stroller seat is the perfect size. It’s not huge but has ample room for baby to grow. It reclines in a very fluid motion (brilliant when your child is asleep) and almost entirely horizontally and it also has a super soft insert with some extra support for smaller/younger babies.



The basket is a really good size and very easily accessible when the carrycot or car seat are on the chassis, or when the stroller seat is forward facing, however this isn’t the case when it is parent facing and it is pretty tricky to get larger items into it.

Large shopping basket 2


Very easy and very compact. The seat sits nicely on top of the chassis and would fit into an average sized boot without any problems. The wheels can easily

be removed if necessary.


This pram is lovely to steer – the handle bars have a soft foam covering which is pleasant to grip, and the pram can be pushed very easily one handed and

even when laden with shopping/luggage.

Laden with shopping

Hood & Raincover:

The hood is large and well made with a great window that can be clipped open for a permanent view of your child when in forward facing mode. The rain cover fits very well.

Overall Verdict:

This pram is very stylish indeed and a dream to push. It travels well on all terrains (I didn’t test it on sand) and feels safe and sturdy. Out of all the prams I have tried, this is definitely in the top five. 9/10.

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