With the Rugby World Cup currently captivating an entire Nation, iCandy have managed to catch up with England International, Ben Youngs. In their exclusive interview, Ben talks about his thoughts on the World Cup, fatherhood and why his family chose iCandy. 

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Hi Ben, it’s not every day we get to speak to an England international who will be representing the country in this year’s Rugby World Cup. Firstly, preparation is over now, the tournament is underway, how are you feeling about the Countries chances on home soil this year?

I think we have a great chance, everything has been building towards the next seven weeks and as a side and a player we can’t wait to get out on the pitch each game. Home soil is a huge advantage and we think we will be able to channel the home crowd and support into performances on the pitch.

Each player is very excited, it’s been on our minds for a long time, all the training and hard work has been done now, and we can just look forward to playing in a home Tournament.

You and your wife are currently expecting your second child early next year, how has this impacted on your career and training as a sportsperson?

It’s been the best thing that’s happened to me and my wife, becoming a dad is an incredible feeling and now I really feel I have a duty when playing and training to do Boris (my son) proud. I use them as a motivation to try and bring out the best in me week in week out. Also, becoming a father has given me a great balance away from training and playing. If it’s been a tough game or training session, once I’m home it doesn’t matter as it’s just about being a dad.

Sport is especially important in your family, you already have a little boy, your father and your brother both played Rugby competitively – Will you be looking for your children to follow a career in Rugby? Or would you perhaps support a jump to a different sport?

I will have the same approach as my dad did with both Tom and myself, he just let us play whatever sport we wanted and was just happy that we were running around. I Think what I will try and do is get him involved in a team game because I think it teaches you great life lessons and creates friendships.

What has been the most exciting aspect about becoming a father?

Just watching him grow up day to day and see him become his own character. It’s not often you can just look at someone every day and they make you laugh or smile, especially when your own child manages to do that.

You are the proud owner of the Peach and will obviously be looking to take advantage of the fact that it can transform into a double pushchair when your new child arrives, why did you choose the Peach for your family?

One of the main reasons we decided to get the Peach pushchair was the fact that we are expecting our second child, we really like how it can convert into a double, but remains easy for us to use when out and about in town. We love the fact that we can have both children in the pushchair, when our next one arrives we will be able to have the baby travel with their brother.

Also, my wife likes that she can have the pushchair in parent or world facing mode. Boris especially loves being higher and closer to the table when we’re dining out with the iCandy elevators – a great piece of kit!

What first attracted you to the iCandy brand?

My wife and I really like the design of all the pushchairs, we checked out the iCandy website and picked the Black Magic Peach and it looks incredible. The quick and easy stroller has made our lives so much easier, and we were delighted to learn that you can fold the Peach with one hand!

BLACK MAGIC BLOSSOM LCC + SC 3-4 R image 23727

Best of Luck in the World Cup Ben, iCandy are proud to be supporting the Home Nations and iCandy will be waving the flag, along with the rest of the country.