What’s in the box?

Britax B-Dual frame

Seat unit
Expanding hood


The B-Dual is very easy to manoeuvre as a single and double pushchair. I was surprised at how easy it actually was. We tested the B-Dual over a 7 day period and went walking with it up and down hills and even on the bus. Both children seemed very happy to be seated and had plenty of room. I could comfortably push without banging my legs or arms into any other part of the pushchair. I can confidentially say that I would recommend it to other parents.
Seat and Recline:

The height on the seats is great. Both children will be able to enjoy looking around at their surroundings. It is easy to recline and so well padded that both babies slept comfortably.


With one child seated in the pushchair you could fit plenty of shopping and items underneath. It is deep enough so you won’t loose anything whilst on the move and wide enough to comfortably fit six bags of shopping. With two children, you do not loose the entire basket as you would expect. There is still plenty of room underneath for a child to be seated comfortably. One of our favourite points is, you can unzip the basket from the front of the pushchair so not only do you not disturb the seated child but it makes life so much easier having another access point.


Most double pushchairs can be quite bulky and heavy. The B-dual is not particularly heavy and very easy to compact and store. You have the option of removing the second seat and wheels if you need to put it into a smaller car. One benefit is, once folded, it will actually sit in the porch or in a doorway if you do not have lots of storage space.


There are a variety of accessories available:

Cosy Toes


Soft Carrycot

Changing Bag

Second Seat


Rain Mac: Included with the pushchair is a lovely spacious double sized rain cover. There is plenty of room to cover both seats and it is easy to attach to the pushchair.

Overall verdict:

The Britax B- Dual is a very well designed and durable pushchair. The various combinations you can have mean it can be used with a growing family. We were really impressed with it’s capabilities and the little things that were obviously taken into consideration during the design stage which make life so much easier. We strongly felt that this pushchair was designed with a on the go parent in mind.

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