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Stroller:  A Chicco Echo Stroller, Raincover,


First Impressions: Lovely bold colour and very lightweight.

We bought this stroller on holiday as an emergency measure as our more expensive pushchair collapsed into two pieces and with Eva being so little, we set out to buy another stroller with the intention that it would be for just our holiday. I have been pleasantly surprised by the ease of use, functions and general comfort. We have decided to continue using it for her as it really suits our lifestyle very well.

Seat and Recline : The seat is well padded and has multi position recline. You simply press the button at the back of the seat and recline it into your position of choice. Eva has slept quite happily in it and still had plenty of room to wriggle around. It is suitable from newborn although I would recommend using it from 3 months+. The 5 point harness ensures your little one is securely fastened.

Basket: I have been very impressed with the basket size. It is large enough to hold all of Eva’s essentials plus two bags of shopping quite comfortably.

Fold : It is really simple to fold down. You lift the step at the bottom of the frame at the back of the pushchair and then push down on the clip on the side. It folds flat and is incredibly light to lift. When you are trying to multi task, it is great to be able to keep hold of a toddler in one hand and lift the stroller in the other.


Push: I was slightly skeptical as I love adjustable handles and you can’t adjust these but the height of them is perfect. Daddy and I can both push quite comfortably without banging into anything and the foam on the handles makes it comfortable to push. The wheels are large and you have the option of unlocking them into the swivel position which always makes it easier to push.

Hood & Raincover: The hood is average in size but big enough to provide cover and enclosure when she likes to sleep. The only problem I found was with the raincover. It has two clips and velcro attachments. I wish it was easier to fix on and would cover the whole of the sides of the stroller. I found it annoying to use and attach.

Overall Verdict: This is a great lightweight stroller for everyday use and traveling. It is incredibly affordable and ideal for toddlers and parents who are looking for a transitional stroller from their travel system. It is also incredible value for money.

Overall Score: 3.5/5

RRP: £99.99

Stockists: www.kiddicare.com

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