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He’s a BIG boy! First-time mother celebrates giving birth to TWELVE POUND baby

Midwives at a Welsh hospital were so shocked when they delivered a 12lb baby, they thought the scales were broken and weighed him twice to be sure.

Staff at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff could hardly believe their eyes when baby Zack tipped the scales to nearly double the weight of an average newborn baby boy.

First time mother Rhian James said: ‘The midwife took him off the scales, re-set them and tried again, but they still showed 12lb – I was in disbelief.’


Zack Logan James Nelms was born on January 20 at 11.21am, after a labour that lasted for nearly 20 hours.

Father Anthony Nelms said: ‘I saw Rhian holding him for the first time and it was the best moment of my life.’

The couple were delighted to find out Rhian was pregnant, after losing their first baby just before Christmas 2013.

Anthony, 28, a driver for Cardiff Bus, said: ‘We were so nervous throughout the pregnancy. It was a massive relief when I first heard him cry – I was speechless and so emotional.’

The couple, from Llandaff, found out they were expecting a boy at the 20-week scan, but had no idea he would be so big.

Ms James, a senior support worker said: ‘No one was expecting it. When they measured me, I was a normal size and they were expecting an average-sized baby.’

Ms James did not have morning sickness or cravings, but did suffer from symphysis pubis dysfunction, which meant her pelvic joint moved, causing inflammation and pain.

‘I had quite a lot of hip pain towards the end, which makes sense now, but apart from that, it was a great pregnancy,’ she said.


Ms James is 6ft tall and weighed 10lb 2oz when she was born, while her partner Mr Nelms is 6ft 6in and weighed more than 9lb as a newborn.

Both of Zack’s grandfathers are over 6ft tall, so the pair were expecting a big baby, but were ‘totally and utterly shocked’ when his weight exceeded all expectations.

Ms James was finally induced 12 days after her due date.

She said: ‘By that stage, I was feeling the size of a house. I just wanted him out. I tried hot curries and warm baths, but nothing worked.’

She was induced at 4.40pm on January 19 and when the labour did not progress, doctors broke her waters at 1am.The couple from Llangdaf, near Cardiff were especially pleased at Zack’s safe arrival because Ms James had previously lost a baby Christmas 2013

‘I was still not dilating, so they gave me a drip in my hand, but they warned me it would make the contractions worse. Initially, I did not want an epidural, but after that, I was just happy to have the pain relief.’

Zack was born seven hours later weighing exactly 12lb. The average weight in Britain is 7lb 8oz for a newborn boy and 7lb 4oz for a newborn girl.

According to the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics, of the 33,747 babies born in Wales in 2013, a total of 71 (0.2 per cent) weighed more than 11lb.

Records show that the biggest baby born naturally in Britain was George King, who was delivered at the Gloucester Royal Infirmary in February 2013, weighing 15lb 7oz

Ms James was kept in hospital for three nights and quickly became a ‘celebrity’, with midwives claiming they had never seen such a big baby.

She said: ”As I was wheeled from the delivery suite to the ward, people kept stopping me and saying they could not believe I had given birth naturally.

‘Doctors and nurses came to visit from all over the hospital, asking to see the 12lb baby, but I was quite happy to show him off.’

Ms James is breast feeding her new baby but struggled to keep up with his insatiable appetite.

The couple had bought baby grows in preparation, but said he is already too big to fit into clothes designed for newborns.

Ms James said: ‘I’m dreading the cost of shoes because he already has huge big toes. Anthony has size 15 feet and struggles to get shoes to fit. Life has changed completely. It has only been a week, but already, my life is all about nappies and feeding.’

Despite a difficult labour, the new mum said she would not rule out having more children.

She added: ‘People say your second baby is often bigger, but I don’t believe I could have a baby bigger then 12lb. I would do it – as long as I knew I could have an epidural.’

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