Seat Liners

There are a wide range of seat liners available from Maclaren that will revamp a new or existing stroller and provide extra comfort for your child.  One size fits all Maclaren buggies and most other pushchairs with a 5 point safety harness. This is a great way to customise your stroller or a very popular option with parents who go on to use it again with another child. We loved the fact that they line the whole seat and are double sided so you can either opt for a simple colour or patterned design. Ideal if you also like to protect the seat fromm spills and dirt. It took less than 5 minutes to remove and once washed, it came out sparkling clean. We added a red seat liner to a Charcoal Quest XLR and loved the combination colours.

Huron Nappy Bag

The Huron Nappy Bag is so stylish that you could easily use it as a day bag for yourself. Made of a combination of canvas and leather, it is light, well designed and has lots of storage room inside. The straps and side strips of the bag are made of leather and there are connection straps inside the bag, providing you with the option of attaching an extended strap if you prefer.

You don’t need to worry about zips or clips as this has a very simple magnetic close which makes it easier if you need to dip in and out of the bag. Lined with a striking red inside, it is a gorgeous colour combination which really compliments the whole look and feel of the bag. Included is also a removable wet bag and a circular changing matt which is big enough to still comfortably change a 16 month toddler.


The Huron Nappy Bag is a stylish and very practical changing bag which could very easily double as a handbag. It is well made, smart and has been very well designed. In a nutshell, it has the Maclaren stamp of excellence written all over it.

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