The Maclaren Techno XLR is a compact travel system for parents on the move. Stylish, comfortable, durable and suitable from birth it will cater for all of your needs from birth through to four years of age. Gorgeous seat liners are available if you would like to customise your stroller and it even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What’s in the box?
Maclaren Stroller
Soft carry cot
Head Hugger
Seat Liner
Shopping Basket

The Techno XLR really is a top of the range luxurious stroller. It is sturdy to push and with adjustable ergonomic handles, easily adaptable if you prefer to walk with your arms slightly outstretched. One of my favorite features are the swivel wheels. They are incredibly durable and even after two years of use, you will still find that the pushchair still has a luxurious feel. Maclaren build pushchairs that genuinely last and many parents go on to use it for their second child.

Seat and Recline:
Suitable from birth, the seat unit comes with a head hugger and extra seat padding to ensure your baby is very comfortable and secure. It has a simple recline mechanism at the back, allowing you access to four reclining positions. Which gives you the flexibility to travel and adapt to your child’s needs.

There is a large shopping basket underneath which you can access from the sides if the stroller is fully reclined. This could be improved if there were zips either side. From our tests, it can hold atleast two bags of shopping and store a baby bag underneath.

You have to admire the thought and design that has been considered for parents. It folds very smoothly into an umbrella fold and clicks shut with a simple lock on the side. You are then able to pick it up with the side handle  or carry strap on the back and lift it into the boot of the car.

We took off the seat pads and after putting them through the wash, fitted them back onto the stroller. They dried easily, kept their colour and were easy to put back on. As with all children who get messy from time to time, rest assured that you can wash the seat pads with ease.

The footmuff is particularly large and very comfortable. Through Winter, this will keep your child snuggled and warm. As a general tip, some parents find that even adding the rain mac onto the pushchair creates a bubble of warmth in the colder months.

Rain Mac:
The rainmac is generous in size, allowing you to fix it onto the pushchair with ease and still providing a snug fit. The whole pushchair is covered so your little one is protected from the rain.

The hood actually unzips and extends to provide a full Summer shade for your child or a darker environment to sleep in.

The Carrycot is a very clever idea that allows the XLR to be transformed in a travel system. It is sturdy underneath and very well padded inside with Faux Suede lining, providing your baby with lots of comfort. It fits forward facing within the pushchair so you are able to see your baby and attaches securely to the pushchair.

Overall verdict:

The Maclaren Techno XLR is great value for money. Whether you are looking for a travel system or a separate stroller, this is perfect from birth. Incredibly light weight compared to other travel systems and is certainly built with families in mind.


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