Name: Maclaren XT
RRP: £245
What’s In The Box? Raincover, Chassis, Shopping Basket

First Impressions: The Maclaren range oozes style and quality. With a number of colour choices to choose from, we were impressed with the Black and Silver option and were looking forward to comparing it to the other models in the range.

Seat and Recline: The XT is suitable from birth and has a 4 position recline. With a simple lift of two handles underneath the seat, you can recline the seat to your position of choice. This is suitable from birth and has an attachable head cushion.

Basket: The basket is deep and a good size which will hold at least 2 bags of shopping and a changing bag underneath. It is accessible mainly from the back but I managed to slide things in and out from the side. It would be great if they were to add a side zip to the basket.

Fold: With a simple lift of the clear red button at the back of the stroller, followed by a push on the switch on the side of the frame, if you then push the handle bars inwards, the stroller will fold down into an umbrella fold and lock into position. It is easy to pick up with the carry handle on the side and even store at home.

Push: The Maclaren XT is light to push and smaller than the XLR. If you were to push both, you would notice the difference as the XLR is a lot wider. This is the stroller if you are looking for a nice umbrella fold which will close easily and fit into the back of your car with ease. With a large viewing window, you can keep an eye on your little one whilst you are on the move and it is a really nice stroller to just walk with and weave in and out of the shops.

Hood and Raincover:

Maclaren XT Review
The suspension, extendable handle bars and pure comfort for a little one are key winning points of the XT. It is ideal for travel and if you are looking for a stroller that will last from birth to four years of age. Whilst they have kept to their traditional stye of strollers, why change something if it isn't broken?
Value for Money
Ease of Use
4.6Overall Score
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