Wriggle room – big seat designed to let them stretch
Quick, easy fold – folds and opens in seconds with just one hand
Full recline for long, leisurely naps
Adjustable leg rest for extra comfort during sleeps
Age Guideline: Birth – 15kg (approx3 – 4 years old)
Armadillo Weighs: 8kg approx
Basket Holds: 3kg approx
Stockist: www.mamasandpapas.com
Stroller: £229
Accessories: All Seasons Footmuff, £39.95, Reversible Liner, £19.95

What’s in the box? Chassis, Seat unit, Hood, Raincover

First Impressions: We have always been big fans of Mamas and Papas pushchairs and were so excited to see what the Armadillo had to offer. The Stripe + Liner is very bold and bright and as much as I loved the design, I wondered if the pattern would irritate me after a while. It was really easy to put together and I noticed it had a large hood, which I love  and swivel wheels.

Seat and Recline:

Mamas & Papas are known for their generous sized seats. It makes a comfortable ride for the baby and this one did not disappoint. Eva is a very big 2 year old and she can sit and lay down without looking like she is too big for it. She is genuinely very comfortable and loves to snuggle up inside. As she still naps during the day, it is very important to me as a parent that she can sleep soundly if we are out for the day. The Armadillo is simple to recline. It has a simple strap on the back of the seat and you can lower it to a number of different positions and it lays completely flat, making it suitable from birth. The seat is well padded and you can buy an extra seat liner if you prefer.


Basket: The basket is a good size. We managed to fit, 2 bags, 1 book bag, 2 bottles of water and 1 handbag underneath. The only thing I wish it had was an opening at the side or front of the basket like the Mylo. It would have been much easier to access everything underneath.

Fold: I was really looking forward to trying out the fold as the Armadillo has been advertised as having a ‘One Hand Fold’ which is a great element of design if it works. It is so straight forward and a really great selling point. Readers, It actually works! I twisted the grey switch on the top of the handle bar pushed it forward and it folded, just like that, with one hand. It was so easy to do and very easy to pick up. I feel confident that I could have done it whilst holding a child.


Push: The Armadillo is really easy to push. It has great tyres which makes it really smooth to push over different terrains.  I thought I would miss the extendable handle bars but they are at a great height and the swivel wheels makes it really easy to steer.


Hood & Raincover: The large hood is gorgeous. On a Sunny day, the sun shines through and lights up the inside. Eva kept saying that she was in a rainbow which was lovely. It pulls all the way across which was great when Eva was sleeping and really provided a cocoon for her to sleep in. There is a viewing window ontop so I was able to check on Eva all the time. I am sure she still thinks it is for playing Peekaboo. Like with all Mamas & Papas raincovers, it is generous in size and easy to attach.


Overall Verdict: We love the Armadillo. It is a great addition to the Mamas and Papas range with a very affordable price tag. I was sceptical at first about the bold design but I have to say that it makes me smile everytime I use it. So many passers by have commented on how stunning it is. They have genuinely considered both babies and toddlers when designing the Armadillo and the one handed fold sets it apart from anything else in the current market. Well done Mamas & Papas,  a very well deserved 10/10.


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