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36 hours in a day

If only there were 36 hours in a day. I remember being a teenager and determined to use each hour to do something useful. Needless to say I lasted one whole day before I fell asleep.  Is there ever enough time to do everything? I find myself with endless lists of things to do but I enjoy being busy and having challenges around me.  Co ordinating a work/parenthood balance is hard work. Do you have any tips that you would like to share that make life a bit easier?

This month, my 6oz 5lb baby boy will turn 13 years old. I wish I could remember every detail of the last 13 years. The time has flown past in a sense and I am sure the teenage years will bring a whole new set of challenges. I feel a mixture of emotions, proud that he is growing into a wonderful young man and sad that he is not a tiny baby anymore. You may have experienced the toddler stage? teenage years are very similar to that. There is some stamping of the feet, an effort to make their opinions heard and these strong desires to do what they want.  I tell my children that I love them all the time, even if they are angry with me or don’t agree with a decision that I have made, I hope they will always remember that every choice I make for them is made out of love.

We have been really busy at Lovedbyparents HQ this month. There has been lots of work going on behind the scenes and we are very excited by the level of submissions that have been entered from different parts of the world. The awards close for submissions on the 12th April. Please take a moment and enter this years Fab Woman Award and our Blogger Of The Year 2013. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs and you could ofcourse win a prestigious Lovedbyparents Award!

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