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Try these unicorn-inspired activities with your kids

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Images and words: Getty and Sara Conway

1 Unicorn pet: a cardboard tube becomes a perfect pal

You’ll need: a cardboard tube, white paper, card, crayons or pencils, googly eyes, colourful wool (or tissue paper strands)

  1. Give your kids a piece of white paper to tape around their tube. They can tuck in the ends at each side.
  2. Now help them cut a slit in one end of the tube, and cut a triangle of card (horn) to slot into it.
  3. Now they can have fun drawing and sticking whatever details they like to their unicorn…
  • We wrapped coloured paper around the horn.
  • We added a pink strip of paper for the nose. They can draw on nostrils, or add gems/sequins if you have them.
  • We drew the unicorn’s eyes with lovely long lashes and stuck googly eyes on top. We also added a colourful stripe down the unicorn’s muzzle.
  1. Finally, they add a mane by taping colourful wool or strips of tissue paper inside the tube.

2 Magical horns: every unicorn needs a beautiful horn!

Roll paper cones for kids to add rainbow sparkle to. They can stick on gems and sequins, or wrap around pipe cleaners. We painted rainbow stripes on foil before wrapping it around one horn.

If they want to wear their creation, tape wool or string to two sides of the horn and tie under their hair.

3 Uni-dog (or baby or bear): a toy becomes a little more unicorn!

Your child makes a mini cone from card (they can paint it, cover it in foil, or add sequins to it). Then they tape tissue paper strands inside to make a mane. Finally, help them tape wool to two sides of the horn and tie it around their favourite toy’s head. Where will their toy fly to today?


4 Unicorn nibbles

Challenge your children to prepare themselves a rainbow unicorn snack. You just need an assortment of berries and/or pieces of different coloured fruit and some wooden kebab sticks. They make rainbow kebabs, and then eat them!

5 Be a little unicorn!

Challenge your child to be a unicorn and fly off in search of the rainbow. Can they bring back toys or objects that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple?

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