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5 Months Old

My dearest Sebastian,

We can’t believe how quickly you are growing and changing. Daddy and I still look at each in disbelief that you are a boy. After being convinced you were another little girl, you were quite the surprise. It is amazing to see how different you are to your sisters already.

You can roll onto your front now with ease and back again. You don’t cry as you can get back and manage to really move around quite a lot to reach things. We bought a Tiny Love gym with each of you and like your brother and sisters, you love playing on yours so much. There is something about the giraffe toy that you each loved and took great pleasure in chewing. We can’t, of course, leave you unattended as you are so quick to move.

I often get stopped and people like to comment on your beautiful mound of brown curly hair. I think it does make you seem a lot older but you are still tiny to me. I giggle at how you smile so sweetly at women who coo over you. Still without any teeth, you love showing off your beautiful gummy smile and of course everyone melts.

Our breastfeeding journey is still going well and I know I am really going to miss feeding you when the time comes to stop. You love snuggling down to feed and I love holding you close and looking at you as you sleep. You sit up when you want to change sides and sometimes you stop, look at me, smile and then carry on feeding. It really makes me laugh and fills my heart with love.

We have travelled quite a lot recently and it has been great to be able to feed you without worrying about anything else. We went on a propeller jet to Newcastle and you slept through the whole experience. I tried to stay calm but was petrified inside.


You are at a stage now that even if you have been asleep for 10 minutes, if you hear your sisters voices, you wake up! they love you so much and it is wonderful to see your relationship with each of them growing. Eva is forever singing and dancing for you, Sienna scoops you up or lays next to you on your gym which you enjoy and you have a different giggle for each of them. Leah is a lot more sensible with you and you sit quite happily in her arms and lastly Matthew, your brother who pulls silly faces over Facetime and even though I don’t think you understand where he actually is, you really love to see him.

We haven’t quite mastered the sleeping through the night as yet but it is nearly time to start weaning and I think it will make a huge difference. I am so tired but I look at you and I just don’t mind. I am aware that this time with you is so precious. We will blink and you will be running around in no time at all.


Happy 5 months Sebastian.


Love from Mummy xx

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