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9 Celebrity Mums Share Their Positive Body Image Messages

These stars are fighting back against harsh Hollywood standards and unrealistic expectations placed on women in the hopes that their children don’t have to go through the same.

Kate Winslet


“When I grew up, I never heard positive reinforcement about body image from any female in my life – I only heard negatives,” Kate tells Bear Grylls in an upcoming episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, reports US Magazine.

“That’s very damaging, because then you’re programmed as a young woman to immediately scrutinise yourself and how you look.”

So what did she decide to do about it when she became a mum?

“I stand in front of the mirror and say to Mia, ‘We are so lucky we have a shape. We’re so lucky we’re curvy. We’re so lucky we’ve got good bums,’ and she’ll say, ‘Mummy, I know, thank God’.”

Way to go, Kate!


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