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A reader asks: My 9 month old doesn’t seem interested in feeding himself finger food! Has anyone else experienced this?

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A reader asks: My 9 month old doesn’t seem interested in feeding himself finger food!
Has anyone else experienced this?
He just holds it & squishes it. (Despite gentle encouragement)
The only things he puts in his mouth are his hands (constantly lol) & the occasional toy. Any advice would be appreciated.
He was a month early so his corrected age is 8 months.
He has two teeth already through at present & isn’t currently teething.
Many Thanks xx


  1. My son 18 months old is not very keen on self feeding when it comes to main food. He prefers to be fed but when it comes to treat and nibbles like his biscuits he can feed himself with that no problem. I wouldnt worry, they will learn it their own way.

2. What a relief to hear you say this my daughter is 18 months also and not interested one bit in feeding herself main food but I constantly worry she’s the only one like this, I suppose they do it when they are ready x

3. My 15 month old feeds herself with a fork and spoon, my 4-year-old would still be fed if I let him. They are all different and doesn’t mean anything (my 4-year-old is very bright and can read and write beautifully). They will all get there

4. My daughter is ten months and doesn’t feed herself finger foods or spoon foods
She much rather someone else feed her, I’ve just accepted she will take longer than my son who would put everything and anything in his mouth from 7 months.
Don’t stress they will get there in their own time x

5. My lb is 19 months and still squishes food especially if it’s something he’s not had a lot of before, there just exploring it with their hands first before they eat it just like an adult does with the sight and smell of a new food they haven’t eaten before but a baby uses their hands, keep trying and he will get there x

6. I’ve had 3 kiddies that I mainly did baby led weaning. I would advise that at every meal, have finger food (allow for waste) and then some softer spoonable food for you to feed hem whilst they have food they can feed themselves. Pretend your eating the finger food. Give them a spoon with food on to try. I also found my boy a little bit lazier than my girls when it came to feed them. If it doesn’t work just feed him. All babies are different and some babies take a while to be interested in feeding themselves. Best of luck x

7. My LG is 2 in July and has never been a fan of finger foods! Eats toast occasionally but that’s about it! Can’t get her to eat sandwiches or anything! Xx

8. I wouldn’t panic my lb took his time with finger food. He’s now 17 months and prefers to use a fork than his fingers but still enjoys being fed! Everyone is different and the one thing I have learnt through being a first time mum is don’t panic and stress out so much if they don’t do the things other babies do. They will get it in their own time. Enjoy feeding him whilst he still wants you too!

9. He’s a boy…. Mine is 6 and he would still let me feed him every mouthful if I let him

10. It’ll come in time, and they all do it at different times. Food is about play and discovery to start with, still getting lots of nutrients from milk until they’re one. So, just keep doing what you’re doing… Sounds like you’re getting it just right to me.

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