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A reader asks: we have decided to put our 2yr old into nursery x2 days a week but the guilt is overwhelming. We think it will be good for her to make friends and socialise but I just feel so bad! Did anyone else feel this way? Thanks

  1. I did at first, but now I know she’s having a blast! She plays, does crafts, eats everything and has a good day.
    She’s 17months been going since 9months and every now and then she holds me tight but the staff are fab and take her – she plays instantly.
    She also has a diary of what she’s been up too so it’s nice to see she’s been totally fine.
    She has fun and I get a day a week to frantically tidy and do chores. Yay!
    It gets easier honest x

2. My little girl will be going in April she will be 2yrs 5 months. I honestly think it does them a world of good and really helps them. My sons started about the same age and I don’t know if it had anything to do with it but starting school he was so confident and we had no issues.

3. Yea leading up to it I was thinking what if he feels abandoned etc etc. I’d had our daughter when he was 21 months, and was worried how her arrival had impacted on him anyway, but deep down I thought it’d be good for him. I was right luckily, he loved it, still does at 2.5. Was definitely the right move for us. All I can say is take her, if it doesn’t go well, then try again later.

4. I feel horrible sometimes as my little one is at nursery full time but needs must and I really wasn’t one for going to groups/classes. I tried briefly but just felt so out of place. She was part time 6-9 months then went full time. It’s been an adjustment which I’m not sure I’m 100% okay with, it has only been 1.5 months though.
I love the nursery environment and what they can provide her that I can’t but then I feel like I’m failing her by not just doing these things myself.

5. I felt exactly the same when my little boy started at 10 months. He is now 20 months and ever since being there he has loved it. He gets to play with different toys and do all sorts of messy and creative play much of which he’d never get to do at home. He loves the staff and made friendships with some little buddies. The first day of two will always be hard but I wouldn’t have it any other way now.

6. My LB is 2years old and has been going since 9 months old for 2 days a week. He absolutely adores nursery. I honestly believe he wouldn’t be as bright as he is without it. He knows the alphabet, plays lovely with other children and loves all the arts and crafts! It’s totally normal to feel the way you are at first! X

7. I felt the same as you even though I have worked in nurseries for 20 years. I bit the bullet and when my daughter was 15 months I put her in one that I had looked around and felt right about. It was the best decision because she has come on so much since going and absolutely loves it. I was very particular which one I chose and looked around all in the area and also asked friends who’s children go to them what their experience were with them. Seeing how much her confidence has grown since going makes it all worth it. Xx

8. Every mama feels bad hun but once she goes and gets uses to it she will be fine and have a great time. what you are feeling is totally normal hun. she might cry an be clingy at first but be strong and persever she will soon settle! good luck hun try not too worry she will be fine.

9. I hated it when I put my daughter into nursery but since may last year she has come on leap and bounds, social and is happy! I’m not going to lie, the first few weeks was horrible as she didn’t want mummy to leave her/ didn’t want to stay but once she realised it was a fun place to be she was more than happy to stay and play x

10. My LG has bloomed since being at nursery it’s great for them to spend time with other children and adults apart from family. The difference it makes is amazing I’m so glad we sent our LG to nursery.


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