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Adorable Moment Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Woman’s Belly

This is the moment an orangutan walks over to a pregnant woman who is visiting a zoo and tries to kiss her bump through the glass divide.

The heavily-pregnant mum-to-be starts stroking her stomach and the animal leaves her perch to get a closer look.

[embedvideo id=”c3F0ZY2VzKc” website=”youtube”]

He then reaches out to the woman and kisses the bump.

Fascinated by the orangutan’s reaction, bystanders tell the woman to “stroke her belly” again and the reaction is much the same.

Just last month 23-year-old Maisie Knight had a similar reaction when she visited Colchester zoo while 37-weeks pregnant.

They met a 47-year-old ape, who quickly became “fixated” with Maisie’s bump and tried to kiss it through the glass.


Source: Mirror

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