Advent Calendars

With Christmas around the corner, we decided to research a variety of different advent calendar options to share with you. Here are a few of our favourites.

Bethlehem Advent Stable – – £59.99

This advent stable is definitely an investment and can be enjoyed year after year. There are 24 boxes to open and each reveal a piece of the nativity scene. Once you have opened the first twelve boxes, the stable rotates and you can then continue until you reach Christmas Eve. There is something very special about unwrapping the bubble wrap to find your next piece of the calendar. Our daughter really enjoyed this and it is a great alternative to chocolate. We can’t wait to get it out of the box and start again this year.

Playmobil Winter Winter Wonderland  or Princess Wedding Advent Calendar – – £17.00
Playmobil fans will be excited to see the range of Playmobil calendars available this year. There are a selection to choose from and each one creates a festive scene with the lovely Playmobil characters. It really is something for to look forward to as you watch their little faces squeal with delight as they reveal the next part to the scene. By Christmas day, you will have a lovely festive scene and can even use the pieces for other Playmobil adventures.

Usborne Advent Calendar to Colour – – £5.99

For little people or creatives that love to colour, this is an ideal way to start the Christmas countdown.  A great alternative to chocolate and the opportunity to make up your own Christmas story as you work your way through the pages. Each day you get to colour a different piece of the picture and as Christmas approaches, your book which you can stand up to show off your artwork will be displayed for all to see.

Santa’s Advent Calendar – – £12.99

This gorgeous felt calendar can be used year after year. There are 24 little pockets for you to choose and wrap a little gift for your child. This was a firm favorite with me as at 1 years old, Eva is too little for some of the other calendars but with this one, I could easily select and choose things I know she will like. Also, I can keep all of the items in a keepsake box for her when she is older.






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