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‘All we really need is wine’: Parents Create Hilarious Video About Inset Day

snow day the musical

Parents, pay attention.

If you let out a groan every time your children have a snow day off school, this video could be for you.

It was put together by North Carolina couple Penn and Lynn Holderness, from Raleigh, who performed an hilarious song with their children Penn and Lola to post on YouTube.

Already, the video – title Snow Day The Musical – has had more than 600,000 views since it was posted last week.

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Mr and Mrs Holderness are the same people who recorded and released a rap video of them in their Christmas pyjamas in December. It ended up with more than 13 million hits.

The family’s new video chronicles a typical day in which the children are home because there is no school due to snow.

The song’s story begins at 6am, when father Penn wakes up with a sigh and feels ‘like Bob Costas’s left eye’.

Already the children are up and ready to go and by 7am the parents have been forced out to go sledding.

By 10am young Penn needs to go to the rest room but claims he is wearing too many layers and ‘going inside would spoil [the fun we’re having]’.

The Holdernesses move inside at 4pm to watch a few movies. By 8am father Penn needs to finish some work.

Then his wife Lynn sings about the long lines at the supermarket when she went to grab bread and milk, when all the parents really need is wine.

The video ends with the exhausted parents slumped on the couch at the end of the evening, only to find out that school is canceled tomorrow, too.


Source: Daily Mail

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