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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7″ with 4G Review

As long term users of the Kindle (Fire models as well as the e-reader range), we’ve been looking forward to taking at a look at the latest iteration of Amazon’s excellent full colour tablet.

First Impressions

As usual, Amazon have nailed the packaging and unboxing experience so that you know you’re in for something special.

Cosmetically, and with the device switched off, there is no discernible difference between the new HDX model and the previous Fire HD version. A slick matte black finish and smart bevelled edges.

Booting up, the HDX is instantly and very noticeably faster than it’s predecessor. The operating system/interface loads very quickly and is ready for frantic tapping and swiping immediately with no lag whatsoever.

The interface here is based upon Google’s successful Android system, but Amazon have made sure that everything is tailored very much to first time users. By the same token, you can access every option you’d need to in order to get the most from the device.

It is worth pointing out here, that the Kindle HDX is very much designed for people who want to consume media on the go (especially with the inclusion of 4G capabilities for the first time in a non-Apple tablet). The operating system is locked down so that this is very much it’s primary purpose, which is perfect for first time tablet users and children alike.

Browsing through Amazon’s incredible content range (truly shaming Apple, Google Play or any other online media store come to mention it) is very snappy, with samples and trailers loading quickly and without buffering (we use a modest broadband connection in the office with around 3mbps to give a fair idea of what to expect from most broadband providers).

The new Kindle HDX now possesses one of the highest resolution screens available on any tablet today (323ppi). Images are vivid and detail is excellent. Viewing movies or TV episodes in HD is engaging using the HDX, and there is now a convenient TV-out option so that you can watch your purchased content on your TV.

More details of how this works can be found here:

You’ll find accessing all popular Social Media channels simple using the various apps available through the Kindle app store, or even using the browser itself which is nice and fast.


A standout feature we like on this model is the inclusion of 4G or LTE. We used the excellent Vodafone network in Central London and found it to be faster than most Wifi networks we encounter whilst working in and around the capital. The Kindle HDX really makes the most of this, and we were able to use Facebook, Twitter etc as well as watch trailers and stream an entire episode of 24 using the 4G connection just the same as we would whilst connected to the high speed broadband connection at LBP HQ.


Our favourite feature on the HDX (although this app is now available for all Kindle products) is the new fantastic new FreeTime app. This allows parents to control the time each child spends accessing things like apps, reading and watching TV or movies with pre-determined parameters.

You can also set reading targets, and spelling achievements using this feature – which we think is absolutely fantastic. This realistically turns the Kindle HDX into a true learning aid, instead of just providing entertainment on those long car journey’s.

You can read more about FreeTime here:


Customer support can be difficult to obtain, especially if you are running late or in a location where it may be physically impossible to visit a store. That’s where MayDay comes in. The service allows you to initiate a video call with a fully trained Amazon employee who can assist you with any problem you may have – directly from your device. And best of all, the service is free.


The Kindle Fire HDX is by far the best Amazon tablet to date. The light weight, speedy interface and sheer range of content make it the best realistic choice out there at the moment. The inclusion of 4G is very welcome (the HDX is sim free, so that you can pick up a sim abroad and avoid high roaming charges imposed by UK networks overseas) and the new FreeTime app is truly innovative. If you consider that the Kindle HDX retails for just £269.00 in the UK, it’s a pretty unbeatable deal.

For more info and to purchase visit:

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