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Artipelag Sweden

Artipelag Sweden

Sweden is one of the most picturesque cities I have had the pleasure of visiting. Each town is connected by a bridge and surrounded by water. As you walk through the city, you  are struck by beautiful architecture and style.


In the year 2000, Björn Jakobson, founder of the well-known company, “BabyBjörn”, was struck with the idea of creating a beautiful building for art and cultural experiences somewhere in the Stockholm archipelago. Maybe he considered it a means of, after many profitable years in Swedish business, manifesting his own deep interest in nature and combining that with his wife Lillemor’s background in art and design.

Artipelag is a hidden gem that I hope every tourist will have the pleasure of visiting. There are several coaches that run there each day and only a 20 minute drive from the main centre, it really is worth the journey.

A unique international venue where art exhibits, inspiring cultural activities, architecture, music, Swedish design and great dining live side by side with the beautiful archipealgo environment.

I have never really been a great art lover but even I was struck by the beauty of the surroundings and the impact of Artipelag. Surrounded by acres of land, you are able to take a stroll down to the lake to explore the surroundings or to simply be alone with your thoughts. It is an incredibly inspiring place to be and you leave there with a feeling of warmth and peace.

With different exhibitions being featured, I opted for the guided tour which was great. Our tour guide spoke in English and light, fold up chairs were available if we wished to carry one around and sit down throughout the tour. The guide provides you with a deeper understanding of what you are looking at. I have always felt that art is open to interpretation but it really interesting to hear what the artist was trying to achieve whilst creating their piece of work. It really is very inspiring.

There are two restaurants available to dine in and the food was nothing short of delicious. An ideal place to sit with family and friends whilst enjoying the picturesque views that surround Artipelag.

Time feels like it stands still whilst you are there. There is no sense of urgency, just a calm feel that runs throughout the attraction.

Bjorn and Lilemor are the heart of BabyBjorn and now Artipelag. There passion and drive behind the project is incredibly moving and I am sure Artipelag will remain a place of beauty and a main attraction for Sweden for many years to come.


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