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At Home With Kate Ball

At Home With….

Name: Kate Ball

Family: Mum to Alfie (11) Grace (10) Twins – Emily & Olivia (5) Twins – Poppy & Amelia (4) wife to Matt.

What is your favourite way to spend a Sunday: I start with an exercise class, then it’s pancakes all round, followed by something outdoors (we are all better for being outdoors). Everyone hair washed and in PJs early for a movie.

Could you have pursued a different career?

As a teenager I always wanted to be a midwife and deliver babies!  I even got a place at University to study midwifery and then got cold feet. I’ve certainly had my experience of giving birth but not as a career!

Favourite wow moment in the last 10 years?

With my twins just over a year old we found out we were pregnant again, at the scan the sonographer confirmed I was pregnant with twins, again!! The expression on everyone’s faces was priceless!

One thing we didn’t know about you?

I am absolutely terrible at relaxing. My brain is so busy I find it really hard to stop. I’ve had to teach myself to get to sleep at night. You’d think lazing on a lounger with nothing to do would be a dream for me, but it’s my worst nightmare!

Who is your favourite celebrity and why?

Sara Davies MBE is our Dragon investor.  Not only is she a fabulous business mentor but she’s a wonderful down to earth friend too.

Favourite achievement to date:

I took my business and 4 of my children on Dragons’ Den to pitch for investment in my business Mini First Aid.  After a gruelling 2 hours in the den we secured investment from Sara Davies MBE. The feeling of entering that lift leaves your heart pounding, and the feeling of total elation when we came out I will never ever forget!

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