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Baby Bottle Recommendations

Which brand of bottles do others use and would recommend? Thanks x

What better advice is there than parent to parent recommendation from those that know what you are going through. Please feel free to send us your questions for our FB page.

‘My first had tommee tippee and my second had Avent (after trying tommee tippee and mam). I’d try a few different brands and see which one works better for your little one ? it’s trial and error with some’.

‘Mam bottles are really good, highly recommend! 

‘Dr Browns.
We used MAM to begin with but found baby still struggled with wind. Since moving onto Dr Browns she’s had no issues.’

‘Mam 🙂 I tried a few with my prem son, who struggled with every bottle I tried. I never looked back once I found MAM bottles and have used them for daughter and I have some for my newborn son also should he need them’.

‘Believe it or not : babies have preferences too. I wish I knew that in advance. We started with Chicco. Fine for a few months. After didn’t work out so Tommee Tippee. Not OK. Avent in the end after trying a few more.
My son was born and I started with Avent this time. Nope didn’t work out. Chicco also no. We ended up with Difrax.
Lesson = start with buying just one. Even if ok don’t overbuy as it can change.’

‘Mam anti colic bottles all the way. They’re also self sterilising so if you’re staying somewhere you don’t have to take a steriliser with you. I found a lot of other bottles that claim to be anti colic have really small parts whereas Mam ones are easily to come apart and easy to clean.’

‘1st 2 children Tommee Tippee, 3rd child had Nuk which were amazing as she couldn’t get on with the Tommee Tippee, Nuby or Mam. Really struggling to find a bottle my 4th will use alongside breastfeeding though’

‘Mam/Nuk also especially good for tongue tie babies.’

‘Medela, with the Calma teat’

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