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Baby Emma is all grown up! The twins who played Ross and Rachel’s daughter in Friends are now 13

The modern-day whereabouts of the twin actresses who shared the role of Ross Geller and Rachel Green’s baby daughter Emma in Friends in 2003 have been revealed – and it seems that the two rising stars are ready to make a return to our screens.

Identical twins Noelle and Cali Sheldon took turns playing Emma as a toddler in the hit 90s show 12 years ago, but have since grown into mature 13 year olds, a Reddit thread has uncovered.

Both of the girls are still acting, according to their IMDb profiles, and do bear something of a resemblance to Jennifer Aniston, who played their mother Rachel.


After appearing in Friends as the accidental baby of Ross – played by David Schwimmer – and Rachel in 2003, Cali and Noelle appeared in a film called Novel Romance in 2006, where they played a young child, also called Emma.

More recently, Noelle featured in a 2013 short film called Maxwell, and both twins appeared in a 2012 short film titled Agorable.

In Friends, which returned to our screens this year through the medium of Neflix, Emma is the result of a secret one-off tryst between Ross and Rachel, which took place after years of them being separated.

Rachel and Ross do not immediately re-enter a romantic relationship after having Emma, but go on to live together and co-parent their daughter- far before Gwyneth Paltrow ever coined the term ‘consciously un-coupling’.

The pair ended up reuniting as lovers in the very last episode of Friends, ending an on-off saga that spanned ten seasons over a decade, between 1994 and 2004.


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