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Baby Horoscope

You of course know best of all what your child needs, but it’s still interesting to see what the stars have to say.

The MAM Baby Horoscope allows you to discover what effects the constellation of the planets has on the talents, strengths and wishes of your child.


What is the world worth? I’m worth the same!
A child of this sign is aware, eager to learn, and spiritually very agile. While all children make „big eyes“, those of the Aquarius child are the largest. It carefully scours the world for new impressions.

Everything new and unknown is uncannily exciting and attractive to the young Aquarius. They rarely have fear- but they can be much too curious.

Daniel Desire“ with a kick
Ideas are the world of the Aquarius child. A child of this sign is already a little inventor. She has a big talent for creating games and is creatively impressive. The little Aquarius is an original from the very first day – part silly – and full of ideas and brainstorms. To promote this talent it needs a „playing field“which leaves possibilities open. Let your child be active: Building blocks are the perfect toy.

I make the world the way I like it
The small Aquarius has little to spare for normalcy. This creative little free spirit isn’t always so easy for parents, saying things like „It goes this way“, “not that way“ or „it’s always been this way“ to get what they want. Strenuous? Your child is a level-headed thinker. Be glad about that! She is already a young idealist. To realize her ambitions she needs encouraging parents…

“Easy does it“doesn’t count
Children of this sign will gladly make it easy for themselves: „I can’t do that“really means, “I want you to do it for me”. With accepting responsibility, this child sometimes needs a little support. Teach your child to accept responsibility within the scope of her abilities – allow her, however to decide for what. Whether it is carrying the doll by herself, watering the flowers, or feeding the Guinea pig, make sure she finishes what she starts – this helps build her self-confidence.


The little I am myself
The Pisces child is a little soul who absorbs every aspect of his surroundings like a sponge. From an early age the Pisces has a sixth sense and can feel exactly how people get along in their environment. Children of this sign are very intuitive and sympathetic. Sometimes they don’t know if they are having their own feelings or experiencing the feelings of others. Young Pisces need an environment in which feelings are permitted and important. Pass on to your child that one laughs when on is happy and does not need to be ashamed for crying.

Pisces children in particular need lots of love, security, and warmth. In an affectionate environment, they blossom and let their talents unfold. Their environment gives them security and ensures that – despite all of their fantasies – they keep both feet on the ground.

Castle in the sky architect
Little fish have a second home right from the start: The castle in the sky is on Dream Street, just left of Cloud 9. There, the Pisces child has friends, adventures, experience, and some big moments. Pisces needs time for fantasy and is sometimes simply not in this world. Don’t be surprised if your child brings a friend home that only he can see.

A world as rich in fantasy as the Pisces’ world is a constant a source of artistic inspiration. The Pisces child is very creative and should be encouraged from the very start. Let him paint, make music, and dance – Pisces also have a talent for their own well being and their creative talents are notable from an early age.

And sometimes against the flow
Little fish can easily adapt and swim with the flow. Not because it always pleases them, but because it is so simple since one must go out of his way to argue. Children of this sign need encouragement to express themselves and to make their demands known. Help your child to formulate his desires and also to think of himself


Always on the ball
The Aries child is enthusiastically occupied by anything new and always busy collecting new things. New doll, new car, new game – he throws himself on it and stays with it until he is distracted by something new.

His attention seldom lasts long enough to finish a jigsaw puzzle or to leaf through to the end of a book – for the little Aries there are simply too many interesting things in the world. Be careful though, that you don’t smother the child with too many influences and toys – be supportive and take the time to help the child remain focused on something. Then he will learn to get great joy out of taking something from beginning to end.

Less is often more
Parents of such children are advised to remove some of the available toys. After a while, these toys can be returned and the others removed. This avoids an irritating flood of toys and also ensures there is always something new to play with.

Adventurous heroes
A garden safari? A cruise on an air mattress? This is just the thing for your child. Small Aries are adventurers and are courageous, curious, and undaunted for every expedition. Even when they embody their heroes, it is exactly to their taste. Make the balcony a dangerous jungle and the bath tub a Pirate Ship. Your child is a great captain and will thank you for it. Aries children are very spontaneous and creative when it comes to choosing the game. Leonardo da Vinci und Vincent van Gogh were Aries – and pioneers in not just art but many other areas as well. If you are caught by surprises, you may never know what happens with your child.

Bundle of energy
Young Aries have quite a bit of energy which can sometimes really exhaust the parents. Movement is especially important to them and contributes greatly to their well-being and balance. It is best to organize their heroic adventures, weather permitting, out in the fresh air.
A Red Devil with feeling
Aries children are dear little beings, though they can also become quite angry at times. These emotions must also be allowed from time to time! Show him how to best deal with his anger. It is important to teach him that his anger can hurt others. An Aries child will understand this from an early age and his behaviour will soon change.


Out among nature
The Taurus child loves nature and wants to explore the world with all the senses: What does the sand and earth feel like? What does the red flower smell like? How does the green grass taste? Caution parents – little bulls try everything!

Nevertheless, you should allow these experiences – this is your child’s way of understanding the world. A vacation on the farm is just the right thing: While romping around in the meadow, playing hide and seek in the barn, and walking through the woods there is much to see, hear, taste, and smell.

Cuddling desired
Physical contact is very important fort he Taurus child. Stroking is an important part of the daily program. Your child will enjoy a massage or rubbing with cream as well as a fragrant bath.

Bull or Pussycat?
Children of this sign enjoy good food from an early age and are all around very sensual people and full of pleasure. Given the choice they would do away with the main course: Sweets are clearly preferred!

Security by the numbers
Taurus children need a lot of security. People who are reliable that they can trust are just as important as a regular daily routine. They approach new things carefully and with uncertainty. When new things are brought on too quickly, they may react with a defiant „no“. Parents should prepare their child for a visit by new people. A cuddly blanket or soothing melody can provide security. Taurus children are mostly musical.

Once they begin to make up their mind they can be very wilful and bang their head against the wall. It is important that Taurus children be given their own space where they can have their toys and play.



The Gemini child is by nature, very curious. The first baby carriage will become quickly obsolete because she cannot see enough while lying down. From the first months on, the home should already be child-proofed – sooner than you think the little Gemini will be all over, and under, everything.

In the life of a Gemini, there should ideally always be something happening. They belong to the group of children admired everywhere, that can sleep best with the loudest noise. They are attentive and absorb everything in their environment, not wanting to miss a thing. Young Gemini usually begin to speak very early – and clearly – for only then can they begin asking their curious questions.

Unfortunately, children of this sign are very impatient and end up rushing from one thing to the next. They are always in the place that interests them the most – but the places change very quickly!

Questions, questions, questions
Gemini children are especially eager to learn and want to understand everything. Parents can face some problems during this questioning age. When the little one wants to know why it rains, how a diesel engine works, or what an off-side is, parents don’t always have an answer. It’s a good idea to have a lot of books on many different topics on hand. Count on the fact that these will have to be read aloud from beginning to end a hundred times, one after the other

Games and Sport
Young Gemini are very open and outgoing and they also have many friends. You should already plan on having a large children’s’ room and lots of children’s’ parties. Also, going to a children’s group or gymnastic course for toddlers will inspire your little darling.Since Gemini children are mentally agile and very creative, toys that can be changed around are especially suitable. Duplo and wooden toys that can be put together and stacked offer continued new possibilities for new shapes and ideas.

Heart and mind
Children born under the sign of Gemini are usually very intelligent. To develop a balance between mind and instinct, parents should especially think of their own past experience and feelings. Best of all, children of this sign accept their own traits and weaknesses if they can see in others that they are acceptable and normal.



Cancer children are extremely emotional, devoted, and sensitive. They need a lot of love and tenderness. Enough cuddling time should be included in the daily routine from the beginning. Security and a „warm nest“to go back to are more important for small Cancer children than anything else. Fixed eating and sleeping times contribute to security because they can count on it.

Children of this sign have an antenna for picking up tensions and emotions in their surroundings and often forget just how they feel themselves. Parents can do something about this by telling their child about their own feelings. Cancer children can then learn where these feelings come from and separate their own feelings from their surroundings. Also, a family meeting to specifically discuss wrongdoings and disappointments can be helpful.

Mirror image
The more well balanced the surroundings of the Cancer child are, the better. They reflect the moods of other people even more than most other children. In a “safe”, well known sphere, Cancer children truly blossom. They can be very amusing, child-like, and happy. No other star sign is as imaginative and creative as the Cancer.

An idealist from the start
Cancer children belong to the most social of the star signs. They have an understanding for others and are often the ones that do not strike back in the kindergarten because „it hurts the attacker“. It would be ideal for Cancer children if the whole world got along and everyone was as thoughtful as they are. If a Cancer child is disappointed or unnerved, he immediately withdraws into his shell. Only through sympathy and understanding will he come out again.

The game of life
For children of Cancer, role playing and social games are ideal. They are the most caring members of the family playing mother-father- child games. Dolls and stuffed toys suit them very well – no other child looks upon them so affectionately.Because small Cancers are so helpful, parents can ask them early on for help around the house. Letting them help while cleaning up their room or helping to load the washing machine builds confidence in Cancer children. Above all, they appreciate the recognition and gratitude of their parents.


A child with star qualities
When the lion child comes into the world it is the height of summer and the sun shines at its’ brightest. If there was ever a child born for the stage, it is Leo. He loves the lights and applause. A child born under this sign has talent and is happiest when he is center stage. At first, his sweet appearance and childish charm are enough-he uses smiles and winking very early and quite consciously. Later, there are other creative abilities to please an admiring crowd. Whether by drawing, making music, or being an actor, this child knows how to impress others.

You are not alone
With ambition, talent, and a radiant personality your child has all the ingredients for success. Such a richly gifted child may run the risk of becoming too self-involved and forget that others are important too. To keep this from happening, parents must gently bring them back down to earth and the facts of life. Acknowledge your child’s talents and also teach him to appreciate the abilities and achievements of others.

With pointed ambition
A child born under this sign will want very early to make and stand by his own decisions. When this child has true enthusiasm for something, big ambitions follow! Don’t worry; these ambitions are more than just a little brush fire. What the Leo child starts, he also brings to a magnificent end. The investment in a box of paints, ballet shoes, or a piano will pay off in any case. When all is finished, this child needs a big audience and lots of applause.



Order is the master
Children born under the sign of Virgo need order. A stable rhythm helps them feel safe and well. Concerning keeping their room straight they are not more industrious than other children – they are grateful however, if mummy or daddy take over the job. They live happily in a well maintained environment, if everything

Cleanliness is especially important for a child of this sign. Even when they get dirty while playing, they look forward to a bath afterwards. Sticky chocolate hands? Not for long! Virgo children like being clean. Finger painting? OK. – But get the water ready for washing up.

Learn by doing
Will your child be a little Einstein? We can’t say for sure, but with Virgo the chances are good! Virgo children have a distinct sense of logic, which is something to further. They want to understand connections early on and gladly accept new suggestions. They learn best by trying and dealing with things. In their heads, the questions „what is that good for?“ and „what do you do with that?“ are always turning. Let your child try things out and don’t always give the answers – your child is very clever and will figure it out for himself!

Game for something new
Parents are in luck: their child is very reasonable for its age and usually respects the boundaries set by its surroundings. Concerning the new and unknown, one must sometimes offer a little help. Children of this sign are often shy and cautious towards people, things, and situations they do not know. Care is indeed good, but in the right measure. Most important for parents is to encourage and support their child and dare it to do a little bit more. Only then can he gain self confidence and develop his many talents.


Consideration for others
Libra children are born diplomats. They know very early that they can go farther in life through consideration and understanding of others. Little Libras never beat their head against the wall even if they may feel that way inside.

Children of this sign are very flexible and voluntarily delay their own wishes. Parents should therefore ensure that their children learn to define their own needs and follow through with them. You should encourage your little Libra to make her opinion known to others. This is an ability that should be mastered by adulthood so they are not always standing off in the distance.

Diplomacy in the children’s room
Libras are people who require harmony. They wish for a peaceful life with their fellow men and would do almost anything for it. In Kindergarten they often try very hard to be the mediator and to develop a team spirit and understanding within the group.

Libra children are grateful for everyone that is involved with them. They discover the world best by talking to others and listening to great stories. „That’s the way it goes“is often a plausible and readily acceptable explanation for the little Libra’s many questions. Parents should have a lot of different stories ready.

Scales = Balance?
When one agrees with the choice of a Libra, the scales are quickly balanced. Should she play with the doll now or cuddle the Teddy Bear instead? She will weigh the alternatives very carefully to avoid a mistake. Accordingly, it will take some time while the Libra child makes her choice.

Caring parents should teach and encourage their children to think of themselves and show them how to deal with a difference of opinion. A quarrel can also lead to a decision and even be settling in the end. A controlled debate culture is important for the Libra child even if it strays from the normal way of discussing things.


No Secrets
The Scorpio child is a very affectionate and passionate being. They go their own way and also have no fear of challenges. Secrets can’t be kept long from the young Scorpio. They find out which monster eats the video tapes and what toy will go down when flushing the toilet – all faster than their parents can react. These things are not taboo to the Scorpio child from the start. They want to know the reason for, understand, and know everything.

Scorpios are easily and quickly bored. New hiding places and games must be found right away. When parents are seeking their little Scorpios, it’s best to look in the highest tree tops and the farthest corners of the house. Although Scorpio children put a lot of energy and passion into the things that interest them, they are quickly disappointed.

Bans and their effect
Almost no other sign possesses such individuality as the Scorpio. Still, they are very vulnerable and feel their own weaknesses very strongly. Because of their fear of getting hurt, they withdraw quickly and observe their surroundings from the background.

Taboos are a challenge for little Scorpios and make things very interesting for them. Fixed rules are only accepted when explained well and the Scorpio child can make sense of them.

Sensitive perfectionist
The Scorpio child would love for everything to be perfect. Parents should show their children that faults are a part of life and no one needs to be perfect to be loved.

It is important for children of this sign that every ending also brings a new beginning. Little Scorpions must learn to bring something to an end and let go to be free for a new start, and that the world has many new things to offer them.


All in the hand
Sagittarius children like to have a complete overview of their life. Nothing escapes their watchful eyes and secrets do not remain concealed from them for long. Parents of small Sagittarians would do well to speak to them early and openly about apparent „adult“problems. Secrecy will only lead to them probing more and perhaps feeling a bit uneasy.

Plenty of movement is especially important for children of this sign. Be it ball games, cycling, or gymnastics, almost all sports are suitable to the little Sagittarius. It is important that all this movement makes sense. To simply run from A to B isn’t good enough. In the very least, the purpose should be a great playground adventure or a fun family picnic ahead.

Punching bag
Little Sagittarians often remind one of a toy punching bag. They see setbacks simply as a chance to get back up and try something again, and again, and again. Because of this they appear very ambitious to others. Actually, their enthusiasm is only due to their desire for independence.

Their innate enthusiasm often leads to Sagittarius children overestimating themselves. One consequence is that they try to test their boundaries even harder without any thought to the consequences. Parents should find an affectionate way to playfully introduce boundaries to the young Sagittarius and make it clear that one doesn’t need to be perfect the first time.

With measure and purpose
Children of this sign tend to be unrestrained. They are inspired very early by good food. When parents take into account this urge to move, then it really is no problem.

The children’s room for small Sagittarians should be at least the size of a ball room, so that it will not become too small too quickly for all of their imaginative adventures and games. Since rooms of this size are rarely available, they will often simply convert the other rooms of the house. Besides that, the bathtub will quickly become a pirate ship and the kitchen a supermarket.


Strong will and stability
Capricorn children know exactly what they want. Almost no other sign demonstrates such a strong will. Parents who sometimes despair over the stubbornness of their young one should try to focus on the advantages of this characteristic. For a small Capricorn there is almost no goal that cannot be reached, and no obstacle that can’t be overcome. Small Capricorns already exhibit a patience and diligence that some adults could take as an example.

Unfortunately, children of this sign often set overly ambitious goals. However, through great effort they usually achieve what they want. And what would the world be without the famous „Reach for the stars”?

Reason and opposition
Parents should clearly explain rules that they set for their Capricorn children. Children of this sign will not simply accept an arbitrary rule. Everything must be reasonable, understandable, and make sense to the little Capricorn. Young Capricorns are reasonable by nature. Once they form an opinion however, they stick to it. It’s a good thing that the goat has horns to prevent injury when he is uncompromising and bangs his head against the wall.

Industrious worker bee
Maya the Bee must have been a Capricorn because no other sign of the Zodiac is such a diligent, patient, and hard worker. At the playground, one can recognize a little Capricorn as they are the ones who take the longest to do something. Exactness and perfect planning while playing distinguish children of this sign. However, the other children are often already finished by the time the Capricorn has planned everything and is ready to go.

Capricorn children are generally very responsible. Since they define themselves largely by their achievements however, they have a great fear of failure. As the parent of a Capricorn you should take great care to strengthen the self confidence and personality of your child. Show him that he is loved and mistakes are allowable and human.

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