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When a family of two becomes three (or even four or five) the concept of a weekend getaway can feel daunting. Whether you’re off down to the sea or simply visiting family this Easter, baby lifestyle brand Munchkin has an exciting, multi-category lineup of innovative products to ensure your trip is easier, safer and more fun!


 For sunny days and sleepy eyes, the Brica White Hot® Shade (2pk – £14.99) offers top to bottom window coverage where the mesh blocks the glare but not the view, protecting against harmful UV rays. What’s more, its innovative White Hot ® indicator turns white when the temperature in the car is too hot. 

Preparing for a long car journey? The Brica Magical Firefly Mirror (£34.20) provides your little ones with a choice of sounds and lights to keep them occupied during car journeys. Featuring a selection of 8 entertaining and soothing songs, parents can control the lights and sounds from the driver’s seat with a remote. 

Lastly, no long car journey with kids would be complete without some form car organiser for all the on-the-go essentials. The Brica Backseat and Pushchair Organiser (£39.99) is a2-in-1 travel organiser with several compartments for convenient storage of drinks, toys, wipes and more.   


If passing both a juice carton and an open packet of raisins to your darling little one in the backseat fills you with fear, the Munchkin Sippy Snack Cup(£7.75) is the perfect solution for you. This all-in-one snack catcher and sippy cup includes a snack catcher built into the top of the straw cup, fitted with signature soft flaps making snacks easy to access, but not spill out. The screw-on lid’s tight seal prevents leaks and spills, too. 

Stopping off for a bite to eat? The Munchkin Travel Booster Seat (£21.37) doubles as a stylish travel bag that easily transforms into a booster seat for on-the-go dining. With a strong internal frame, it can accommodate a toddler or child up to 15 kg with non-slip stability. 


Make sure bath time routines are not disrupted by taking the Munchkin White Hot® Inflatable Duck Tub( £13.77) on your trip. The padded inflatable bath in the shape of a duck makes bathing comfortable for kids. And the Munchkin White-Hot Safety Disc reveals the word ‘HOT’ when the bath water is too hot for baby. This is the perfect weekend away accompaniment for littles ones 6 – 24 months old.

All products can be found on Amazon and in various grocery stores including ASDA and Tesco. For more information and to view the complete Munchkin range visit

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