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Being Pregnant on Valentine’s Day – Is it all Passion or Practicality?

A poll of 321 mums-to-be and new mums, by leading pregnancy subscription box company Project-B, reveals that being pregnant puts a whole new spin on Valentine’s Day with sometimes hilarious consequences!

176 respondents said Valentine’s Day is even more special for being pregnant, whilst 145 said it takes the romance out of the day.

When Project-B asked their followers about the best Valentine’s gifts they received whilst pregnant, you’d expect to see the usual treats; with a Spa Day and pampering coming in top (43 per cent of votes) and chocolate and sweet stuff coming close behind (with 37 per cent). Cards and gifts from the ‘pending new arrival’ also featured well, whilst two respondents said an engagement ring would do the trick!  Not surprisingly, pregnancy cravings played a part, with ‘a big jar of beetroot’, ‘oranges’ and ‘pineapple’ making the list of requests. And finally – the best Valentine’s treat of all for one respondent – a new baby!

Some UK dads-to-be can’t seem to get it right, with a whopping 34 per cent of mums saying wine, champagne and alcohol in general has been their worst gift, with sexy underwear not far behind (with 22 per cent of the votes) both of which were deemed marginally worse than nothing at all (15 per cent) or spending it alone (8 per cent). More ‘quirkier’ gifts cited by the mums included two respondents getting a vacuum cleaner, one getting and iron and ironing board, plus some receiving not-so-helpful outings such as tickets to go Paintballing and Zorbing!

But when it comes to what partners love the most about pregnancy, our mums said it was those simple special moments; seeing the kicks, feeling the baby move, watching the pregnant body develop. Not quite so romantic was the 31% who said their partners saw their bigger boobs as a huge pregnancy plus!

And finally, what dads-to-be loved the least about pregnancy; namely hormones and mood swings coming in at whopping 67 per cent, followed by fidgeting in bed, snoring, nocturnal trips to the loo, and then constant tiredness and sickness.


Project-B’s Founder Amber comments; “We all know that the pregnancy journey can be full of highs and lows and it’s so interesting to see how our partners – often with the very best of intentions – can both help and hinder us along the way!”

What is Project-B?

Now sending out hundreds of monthly boxes, with over 11,000 Facebook fans, and voted Gold in the ‘Best New Mum Gift’ Loved By Parents award 2014 . Project-B is fast becoming THE pregnancy resource for mums across the UK.  The boxes contain lots of household brands as well as smaller products to ensure mums-to-be have a good cross-section to experience during this exciting time.

In addition to the boxes, each Project-B box contains four information cards which cover that stage of pregnancy, Eating Well, Staying Active, and Shopping Ideas.  Project-B also has a panel of pregnancy experts offering advice and information, including regular live Facebook chats.

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