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Best Cultural Places to Visit across England

The United Kingdom (UK) is a globally renowned cultural hub, and this isn’t limited to the capital, London. The UK is full of art galleries, museums and attractions nationwide. The country has such a long history as a ‘melting pot’ of culture that the variety can seem overwhelming at first, but having so many places to choose from can hardly be considered a bad thing.

One of the premier cities for culture outside of London is Manchester  .Manchester was once one of the UK’s industrial heart valves, of seminal importance to the British Empire. The city is known in more recent years for its remarkably large output of music across a variety of genres. Be this the well-known alternative bands such as The Stone Roses or Oasis, or even the world famous Warehouse Project for electronic music. However, Manchester isn’t limited to music with its cultural output: it has a well-known University too, with a fantastic museum attached to it host to the carapace of a giant Japanese Spider Crab that gets a lot of attention nationally.


Hertz has given a more detailed run-down of why it has been named the cultural capital of the north

Hull is a more surprising choice but being named the 2017 city of culture has revealed much that East Yorkshire has to offer. Arguably the most notable attraction in Hull is The Deep, the world’s only submarium. The Deep is host to literally thousands of fish, and even seven species of shark. Sea creatures however, aren’t the only attraction in Hull. The city has undergone a serious renovation project in recent years and this has had a dramatic effect on the way the city is seen across the nation. Hull is definitely a city in the ascendency.


Newcastle is another city that has put itself on the cultural map of the UK in recent years. Home to The Baltic, a famous modern art gallery, Newcastle also has a vibrant and well-established nightlife. Its proximity to attractions such as Hadrian’s Wall has meant that Newcastle has seen a large influx in tourism in recent years. The Baltic remains however, the city’s finest cultural attraction, regularly playing host to work by the UK’s most eminent modern artists such as Graeme Durant (who has an exhibition on level two of the gallery right now).


This illustrates the variety in the UK’s cultural scene right now. There are so many places to go and visit across so many different fields of interest that residents of the UK are actually quite spoiled for choice.

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