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Bluetooth pregnancy test now available

A US firm has announced the release of what it’s describing as the world’s ‘first and only’ Bluetooth Smart-enabled pregnancy test.

While most tests just require the user to pee on a stick and then wait three minutes for the result, First Response Pregnancy PRO from Church & Dwight brings the whole pregnancy testing-process bang up to date, (seemingly by making everything a bit more complicated).

The kit’s Bluetooth-enabled pee stick syncs up with a smartphone app, offering the user ‘pregnancy-related content only available with Pregnancy PRO, and [delivering] a personalized user experience throughout her entire pregnancy journey.’

The user enters profile information into the app to access customised content for ‘the Pregnancy PRO experience’. It provides a three-minute countdown for the result (just in case you don’t have a clock handy) and, during the wait, offers a variety of options to help kill time, listed as follows:

Calm Me: Relaxing visual content to ease her nerves and/or anxiety”

Educate Me: Content that informs her on fertility and pregnancy”

“Entertain Me: Videos and content to help distract and entertain her”

After the wait’s over, the user must then enter a secure code to access the result.

If it comes up negative, the app will offer suggested next steps and resources including cycle tracking.


If it’s positive, the app can provide an estimate of due date, track pregnancy milestones, suggest questions to ask her doctor, and provide updates about the baby’s growth.

Pregnancy PRO is priced at around $14.99 – around double the cost of a standard pregnancy test.

First Response’s Wendy Bishop told The Next Web: “We see this as an opportunity beyond that yes or no result. They get the answer and throw the test away and they have many questions on what to do next.”

“This helps guide them through the test process, and once they receive the result they get a whole host of different types of information based on what the result was.”

Joanna Stern at the Wall Street Journal said: “Using a pregnancy test isn’t rocket science, especially when it shows ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ right on the stick. However, those who aren’t well-informed about reproductive cycles and prenatal care may find the app of value. It offers menstrual cycle and pregnancy tracking features at no cost, even if you don’t buy the test.”

Source: Telegraph

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