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An introduction to Braun’s high-precision thermometers

Braun products have a longstanding reputation based on their reliability, longevity and sustainability. This, coupled with consumers perceptions of a brand that creates design-led electrical products with German engineering thrown in, means the Braun brand is up there with the best of them for being highly trusted and sought after.

Braun’s range of high-precision thermometers goes further than this, designing products with little details that make a real difference to people’s lives and improving the overall experience of the consumer. In other words, Braun thermometers are “designed to make a difference” to how you measure and record your child’s temperature.

However, choosing a thermometer can sometimes seem a daunting task, with conflicting advice on whether to go with ear, forehead, underarm, oral or rectal thermometers. There are plus points to each type of thermometer, and each is considered accurate if done correctly! It’s also worth noting that temperature readings can differ significantly depending on where you take it, so try and stick with the same method for you get an accurate picture over time.

Over the course of the next six months, we’ll take you through our thermometers and their features, but also some things to think about during the winter months, such as how to make sure your child stays healthy, how to manage a cold when it strikes, and why its important grandparents have a thermometer to hand. We also think it’s important to talk through fever phobia, and how it is still common amongst many UK parents. On the whole, a fever isn’t a bad thing and can actually help make your little one better.


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Introducing the Braun ThermoScan® 7 Ear thermometer with Age Precision® technology.