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Brothers Reveal BOTH Their Wives are Pregnant in ‘Shut Up and Dance’ Music Video

When two North Carolina brothers found out their wives were both pregnant at the same time, they decided to join forces to surprise their family and friends in a creative way.Aaron and Jon Murray, and their wives Liz and Danielle, parodied Walk the Moon’s ‘Shut Up and Dance’, writing new lyrics to help share the exciting double baby news.

Jon told Daily Mail Online that Danielle knew even before they got pregnant again that she wanted to do a pregnancy announcement video if the couple, who have three daughters, got the chance.
When Jon and Danielle told his brother they were pregnant and wanted to make an announcement video they got the exciting news that Aaron and Liz also had a baby on the way, and decided to join forces for the reveal.

But it was when they shared the idea with Aaron and Liz, who like Jon and Danielle also live in Raleigh, that they found out they weren’t the only family that was about to get a little bigger.

‘We told my brother and sister-in-law that we were pregnant and we were going to make this video,’ he said. ‘And they kind of surprised us by saying they were actually pregnant as well and how fun it would be to make a video together.’ 
The video starts with Danielle looking at a pregnancy test, sharing the news of the first new addition to the Murray clan right away.
‘I guess we can’t go back, we’ve already got three,’ she and Jon begin to sing, referencing their three daughters Tyler, Elena and Judea. 
‘We don’t know how to act,’ they continue, before excitedly exclaiming, ’cause we’re having one more baby!’  
The video then shows the couple’s three daughters running around the house as the parents sing about how they ‘don’t get much sleep at night’ and that ‘kids are hard work but we’ll be alright’. 
Jon and Danielle then make a joke about the comments they know they’re going to receive when they tell people they’re expecting a fourth child. 

‘We know your thoughts, yes we know how it happens,’ they say, before admitting ‘we just like having kids!’ and proudly holding up their newest ultrasound picture.
The video then cuts to Liz and Aaron, no doubt surprising family and friends who thought there was only one new Murray addition on the way.  
‘We are just a small family of three,’ the couple sing as they play with their daughter. ‘We love our little girl, but we’re not complete!’ 
Liz shares her ultrasound picture with pride as the couple sing about how they decided it was ‘time to have another’ and how they’re ‘having one more baby’. 
We then see Aaron building a crib, and his daughter trying to help with a Popsicle stick, and the two couples dancing in living room as their little girls play the drums.
‘No we can’t go back, already have babies,’ they sing, ‘We don’t know how to act cause we’re adding two more Murrays!’ 
Jon said probably the biggest motivator in making the video was wanting to show how exciting it is to find out you have a baby on the way, even if its the second or fourth addition to the family. 

‘Every kid is a blessing,’ he told Daily Mail Online. ‘We really believe each child has a destiny so we wanted to go ahead and cut off the negative from the start and make it a big celebration!’ 
Jon posted the video on his YouTube family vlog ‘The Murrays’, which he writes document ‘our mundane yet crazy lives as we try to master the art of growing up and raising three small but spirited girls’. 
The proud father said he wanted to ‘show people a strong family structure’ and to show other families with multiple kids that they aren’t ‘alone in the craziness’. 
That craziness will only increase for Jon and Danielle, who are due December 21, and Liz and Aaron, who are due less than two weeks later on January 8. 

Jon and Aaron are especially excited that their children will be so close together in age – and Jon admits they’re openly hoping two boys are on the way. 
‘But we would both love another girl as well,’ he said. ‘Nothing like another daddy’s girl!’ 
This time around, Jon and Danielle won’t know their baby’s sex in advance, singing in the video that they want to be surprised because ‘this is our last chance!’ 
But no matter whether its a boy or a girl, Jon knows one thing. 
The two newest additions to the Murray family are destined to be best friends.

Source: Daily Mail

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