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Buying for Baby: Perfect Presents for Newborns

If you’ve spent any time with newborn babies, you’ll know that their interests are not particularly varied. Most newborns enjoy a pretty limited range of activities which include: gumming things, holding onto fingers, waving their chubby legs around and sleeping (though not necessarily in that order). With such simple pleasures, you’d think that buying for new babies would be a stroll through the proverbial park…

In fact, finding the perfect welcoming present for a little one is not as simple as it may seem. Whether you’re buying official christening gifts or more casual ‘welcome presents’ for the new tiny person in your life, there are all sorts of things to think about. What are the parents’ tastes? Do you want to give a gift which will last a lifetime or something which will be immediately useful? How close are you to the family? Are you looking to give something traditional or something fun?  Here are some helpful ideas to guide even the least baby-savvy gift-giver in the right direction…

We all want the very best for new babies. Hopes, dreams and well wishes for their futures are symbolised by the many traditional christening gifts which are given to newborns. Silver gifts have a rich history at christenings; silver apostle spoons, silver rattles, silver christening mugs and silver napkin rings are all still very popular. For non-religious parents who appreciate tradition, a silver birth certificate holder makes a gorgeous present.
certificate holder
If you’d rather offer something which both baby and parents can use, there are lots of lovely options. The baby shower is the time for gifts of nappies and cots, but for newborns there are plenty of other options such as a practical dining set designed for messy little hands.
dinner set
Giving a more functional item can feel a little impersonal. If you’d love to bring the new baby something that can be used but has a more personal touch, why not look for practical pressies you can embroider or engrave with the little person’s name? Booties, bibs, towels and dressing gowns decorated with baby’s name all show that little bit of extra thought.

personalised shoes

For newborn little girls, silver jewellery is a pretty gift which can be treasured for a lifetime. Delicate, baby-sized bracelets and pendant necklaces are stunning presents which can be worn for special occasions or saved for the little one when she grows up. Charm bracelets are a clever present which can be added to throughout the newborn’s life. If you’re closely involved in the child’s life, why not buy a new, symbolic silver charm to mark each birthday?

charm bracelet

Precious memories are more valuable than any costly gift. Photo frames and albums are a sweet and thoughtful present for any family welcoming a new addition, and although inexpensive, the memories and moments they contain are priceless. Teddy bears, tooth fairy boxes, music boxes and jewellery boxes all make for lovely, less formal pressies if you don’t fancy going down the photo album route.

photo frame

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