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‘Call Before Coming, Limit Visits to 15 Minutes, and Bring Food!’ New Mother’s Hospital Rules

A mother has shared a note penned by her midwives which contains a litany of helpful suggestions for anyone visiting newborn babies.

The note, which the midwives pinned on the mother’s front door, offers practical advice such as bringing food for the family and not overstaying your welcome.

The mother, believed to be American, posted a picture of the note on Imgur this week, where it has gone viral with almost 10,000 views.


‘The family is focused on falling in love and learning to care for this new person, while also recovering from labor and birth,’ the note reads.

‘In these first few weeks, rest and relief from the responsibilities of daily life and essential to recovery and building a good milk supply.’

The note recommends visitors help by keeping siblings busy so their mother doesn’t become overwhelmed and ample notice before arriving to the household.

‘Our fast-paced society leaves little time off. Give them some space now, but don’t forget to come back!’ it reads.

The note has garnered a warm reception on Reddit, with several mothers-to-be vowing to print it off and use it for themselves.

‘I love this! Totally stealing it, I feel like we definitely have some family members who will think they’re being helpful by holding the baby for me and overstaying their welcome,’ wrote one user.

‘I’m going to save this, reproduce it and be brave enough to put it on my door too’ another commenter pledged.


Source: Daily Mail

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