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Car Seats – All you need to know from the expert

Following a recent study, Diono revealed that 75 per cent of parents questioned* consider safety their number one concern when purchasing a car seat but with so many different car seats on the market, it is easy to get confused. Group 0/0+, 1, 2, 3 – what do they all mean? Which car seat do you need, how often do you need to change it and most importantly how can you make sure it’s fitted properly?

Well, worry not because we’ve joined together with Diono to organise a live chat with a leading car seat expert to help you.

Allana Pinkerton is a Child Passenger Safety instructor with over 10 years experience. She has worked with various community organisations and regularly speaks at child safety conventions. Allana can provide all the help and advice you need for questions like, is there any regular maintenance required; which accessories should you use and what about travelling abroad for summer?

She has already put together her top tips  for travelling safely (see below) but one of the biggest areas of confusion is the benefit of high back booster seats over the backless versions. “Often parents believe that all booster seats offer the same safety features but high-back boosters provide additional protection because your child is kept in a more secure position, especially if they fall asleep,” says Allana.


So get your questions, queries and concerns together and join us live via Twitter on July 18th from 7pm. Simply add the hash tag #DionoCarSeatHelp to your question and assistance will be on it’s way.

The best question will win:

Grip It car seat mat to protect the interior upholstery/leather

·     Stuff n Scuff. Storage to keep essentails in which hangs on the back of the front seat. Also prevents scuffs marks from kids feet

·     Sun Stoppers for the side window and the rear windscreen

·      See Me Too – mirror to allow parents to keep an eye pn the back seat without turning around

·      Seat Belt Pillow

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Top Tips for Safe Travel.

1. Always keep safety a top priority when travelling

2. Seek out a certified professional to learn how to install the car seat properly, most are unknowingly installed incorrectly

3. Choose the proper car seat according to your child’s weight, height and level of maturity

4. Be sure to read the entire manual for your child’s car seat and the section on car seats in your vehicle manual

5. Pay close attention to all the warnings in the manuals. They are printed for a reason!

6. Always check that your car seat is properly installed on a regular basis, seats tend to get unbuckled for one reason or another

7. If your child always needs your attention while you’re driving, plan shorter trips or use appropriate reward incentives

8. When travelling abroad always check their safety laws to be sure you are bringing the correct seat or renting one when you arrive

9. If you are distracted to the point where it is a danger for you to drive, pull over, count backwards from 10, breathe deeply and relax for a few minutes.

*382 parents surveyed as part of Diono MumsPanel 2012


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