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Car seats and Coats

When it is chilly outside, we all want to keep our little ones warm and toastie so out comes the snuggly coats and snowsuits.  But are you aware you may be putting your child in danger if you strap them into the car seat whilst wearing their outdoor wear or thick clothing?

When wearing padded clothing it is not possible to tighten the harness enough to keep your child safe in the event of a collision.  The extra padding leaves a gap between the child and the harness, even when you think it is tight enough…it isn’t!

Try experimenting by putting your child in the seat wearing a thick outdoor coat, tighten the harness and use the pinch test, feels tight enough?  Now remove the coat and place your child back into the seat…there will be a significant gap between the child and the harness, enough for your child to easily slip out of the seat.  Take a look at this video below to see what we mean.

So no coats or thick clothing means the next problem is keeping warm and many parents will worry their little ones will feel the chill when they first get into the car on a cold day.  You can fix this by simply popping their coat over them once the harness has been tightened, even putting their arms into the coat to keep it in place.  Alternatively, a blanket will do the same job. And the best bit… once the car warms up and so does your little one, it’s easy to remove the coat or blanket without having to undo the harness.

Let’s face it no one likes travelling when it’s too warm or you feel like the Michelin man! So keep those coats for use outside!

Congratulations to Cheryl and Liam on the birth of their 1st child

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