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Chicken and Feta Salad

A Guest Post by a Daddy for Mummy

This incredibly easy, nutritous salad is full of protein and veg and is so easy to make – you won’t know what to do with yourself! Perfect for a Summer treat or a Winter warmer. And it’s low in carbs; without compromising on flavour.

Serves 2 Adults. comfortably.

Ingredients for Recipe:

3 Large Chicken Breasts
1 Pack of Feta Cheese
1/2 Cucumber
4 Good Sized Tomatoes
3 Spring Onions
3 Large Gherkins (or chopped Gherkins if you prefer)
Olive Oil
Ground Pepper
1 Lemon
Jerk Chicken Seasoning (Available from any good farmers market, Asian food supplier or even Waitrose)


Start by slicing your Chicken breasts into large chunks. You should get about about 5-6 chunks per breasts.  Turn on your grill, and wait for it to warm up. Ideally, you should use a George Forman or any other health grill but a standard oven grill will do just fine too. Place your Chicken chunks onto the grill and shake a teaspoon of the Jerk seasoning over all the chunks. Turn them over, and do the same to the other sides of each piece.

Once the Chicken is seasoned and cooking, chop the tomatoes, cucumber, and feta into good sized chunks. Put these into a good sized salad bowl. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze half the juices into the bowl with the veg you’ve chopped so far.

Wash the spring onions (no need to go mad, just make sure there is no excess dirt), then chop them into small circular pieces. Place those into the bowl. Take your Gherkins (if already chopped or sliced, just cut them into chunks or throw them straight into the bowl if you are happy with the size) and chop them into circular pieces. Toss those into the bowl too.

Squeeze in the rest of the lemon juice.

Check on your Chicken, turn if necessary although if you are using a health grill it’ll probably be coooked by now. Slice the biggest piece in half whilst in the grill and if the Chicken is white all the way through – it’s cooked.

Turn off your grill and put the Chicken in with the other ingredients. Grind some Black Pepper over everything, and give some good glugs of Olive Oil all over too.

Use your hands, and mix everything together. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty(!), just use a fork.



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