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Christmas is coming

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Christmas is coming in just over six weeks time and I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by. Lots of people have told me that they have finished their Christmas shopping already and I thought I was super organised having bought 1 item before the 1st December. The problem I have is, if I buy too much, I will forget what I have bought and I can’t write it down anywhere incase any of the older children find my ‘Secret Santa’ list.

Even with older children, Father Christmas still exists in our house and I refuse to admit otherwise. Simply telling the older two that ‘Magic exists if you believe in it’ surely that applies to adults to?

We have lots of exciting content on Lovedbyparents once again this month. The book recommendations brought back alot of happy memories and I particularly loved the chosen items for ‘My 1st Christmas’. Whether it is your first or 10th Christmas, we hope you have a very happy December, gearing up to the Christmas period.

We will be busy preparing for our 6th year of Lovedbyparents Awards which open on the 6th January 2016! the year truly has flown past. They are set to be even bigger next year and we hope we can count on you all to continue with the wonderful support, you have shown us since the very first day we launched.

Have a great month!


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