Cosatto Hug

Name: Cosatto Hug

RRP: £210


What’s In The Box? x1 Cosatto Hug

What Cosatto Say: Cosatto’s Hug Group 123 car seat, the on-board bear hug, is splendidly well-bred. From tot to hoity-toity high, Hug grrrows with your bear cub. Go shop the top-end trekker…

Hug Hangs Around – Hug converts from baby seat to big kid booster seat, (9kg-36kg approx). That’s more than a decade of hugs. No need to buy separates.

Tough Love – With extra-cushioned Side Impact Protection and 5 point safety harness with quick-release buckle for home time, Hug’s a strapping security guard.

Posh Bear – Get limo luxe with Hug’s leatherette upholstery, luxury fabrics, extra cushioning, pop-off easy-clean covers and snug stuff including squidgy armrests and pads for tummy and chest.

Awesomely Adjustable – You’ve got a growing bear cub. Polite Hug adjusts his cuddle accordingly with a 5 position recline, growing flippable liner and straps that automatically adjust when the headrest gets higher.

Long-Haul Hero – Because a bear with such good manners you just have to keep inviting back again and again. Hug’s one long-term protector. 

Hug is a Group 1,2,3 car seat covering:

Group 1,2,3 – Suitable from 9kg – 36kg (9 months – 12 years approx.)

(Never put a child in a passenger seat fitted with an active front airbag. Airbags are designed to protect adults but can have the opposite effect on children.)

The Brand New Cosatto Anti-Escape System

It’s here. Another Cosatto first. Car seat harnesses just got a whole new level of security.

Research shows that more than 70% of children wriggle out of their car seat harnesses, risking severe injury. That’s unacceptable. Cosatto have built the solution.

The Brand New Cosatto Anti-Escape System has been built working alongside the makers of the original, award-winning ‘5 Point Plus’ harness system.

In tests, 9 out of 10 children could not wriggle out of their Cosatto Anti-Escape System. That’s a result.

The Cosatto Anti-Escape System. Safer child. Safer you. Safer roads.

First Impressions: What did you think of the appearance of the seat? comfortable? well made? nice design?

First impressions are really good! The crazy colour scheme is really attractive, and will disguise a lot of the mess from a 1 year old. It looks really well padded too, and feels like it would be really comfortable.

Fitting: How easy did you find it to fit the seat and can you take it in and out of the car with ease if need be?

I found the fitting part a little difficult, even though I watched a YouTube video on the subject. I actually think this was more down to my car type, the ISO fix attachment on the bottom was really well hidden. I had to unpeel some leather which was connected with Velcro to find the attachment. Once I had found that though it was a breeze, and I found the diagram on the side of the chair more useful than any of the YouTube videos that I found.

Seat and Recline: What did you think of the materials the seat is made from? was it easy to recline if your little one was tired?

The padding feels very comfortable and also the type of material that is very easy to clean and won’t hold stains at all. The recline is excellent, compared to our old seat the recline is far superior in my opinion. We have done 1 x 4 hour journey and 1 x 3 hour journey with our 1 year old boy since installing the seat, and he has been really happy in it and fallen asleep with no problem when he was tired.

The seat also feels very safe, it has side impact protection and Jaxxon is really snugged into the seat and cannot wriggle out at all.

My other favourite aspect of this seat is the buckle, I think it would be difficult to pinch my son with this buckle and it is easy to connect the top pieces together to insert into the buckle – a real big peeve of mine with our old seat which was a pincher, and difficult and stressful to plugin in.

Anti Escape System: What do you think of the Anti Escape System?

So again with our old seat, he escaped from the top straps easily and pretty much on every journey that wasn’t very short. So the new escape system is something we were really excited about. I think the escape system is great, and it definitely works (zero escapes recorded since installation). The only downside of the anti escape is it’s a bit harder to put him in, you have to sort of put him in feet first, which if you have a small car would be really difficult I imagine.

Overall Verdict: What did you think of the seat and would you recommend it?

Overall we love the seat, if there was a rating system we would give it full marks and would definitely recommend it. It feels super safe, and this is the seat I would choose to protect my child for sure.

Only possible negative I can think of is, for anyone with a small car we would advise to try before you buy if possible, just because it is quite a big seat and the anti escape might make it difficult to use.

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