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Cyprus is a beautiful holiday destination with almost guaranteed sunshine all year round. Home to traditional Cypriot food and friendly locals it is a perfect holiday hot spot for families.



A number of family friendly airlines fly from all London Airports to Larnaca and Paphos all year round. The journey is normally around 4.5 hours and once you land, the local time is 2 hours infront. We flew with Easyjet airlines and found it much easier to check in online and print out our boarding passes at home. This saved us from queuing at the airport and allowed us to drop our bags off at a different desk and go straight through to security. Always allow extra time when travelling with children and ensure you have things to keep them occupied.

Easyjet allowed us to keep our stroller until we boarded the plane which kept Eva and I very happy. We decided to have breakfast before we boarded and I think it is a great idea to eat before you get on the plane as food onboard is always limited to snacks and not proper food.


Once on board, we purchased two Cheeky Monkey boxes for the children and were not that impressed with the contents. It is aimed at children but there is drastic room for improvement. It comes with activities to do in the inside of the cardboard box, small pencils which don’t colour anything properly, a Rice Krispies cereal bar, fruit in juice and a chocolate bar. All for the great price of just under £5.

I always find that when I fly with the children, especially a baby that it is useful to have a bottle or cup for them to drink during take off and landing. I always distract the older children with a game or chat as it takes their minds off what the plane is doing.

Easyjet were fine to fly with. I would definitely recommend booking your seats online so you can choose where you sit and if you are travelling with an under 2, booking an extra seat for them.

Where to Stay?

There are a variety of places to stay in Cyprus from all inclusive hotels to nice self catering apartments.


There are many beautiful hotels in Paphos. Everything is remarkably clean and it is unheard of that you would encounter bad service. If you are looking for a luxury holiday we would recommend The Amathus beach hotel in Paphos. A complete five star experience, there are children’s clubs available, fast check ins for families and even an outdoor activities area. All of your needs will be taken of and you will be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Cyprus.

Self Catering: offer a variety of holiday apartments and you have the option to select not only the region you would like to stay in but how many bedrooms you would like. Prices vary throughout each season but this is a great way to book and keep control of your budget.


If you venture into Kato Paphos you will find a variety of popular, family friendly places to eat at. From traditional Cypriot food to English food if you prefer, there is something to suit most tastes.. Souvlaki is a very popular Greek dish and if you walk around on a Sunday afternoon, you can smell it coming from most houses. In the main shopping town, next to Mothercare and Marks & Spencers is one of our favorite places to eat. It is called Tea for Two and they serve a variety of lovely foods. Service is quick, staff are very accommodating and you can enjoy panoramic views of the city.

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Things to Do:

Planet Adventure, 130 Alexandrou Papagou str., Paphos.


Planet Adventure has been open for just over a year and is a fantastic family complex. You can go bowling, have coffee, go to the cinema and take the children to Looney Land on the lower ground floor.  We loved Looney Land. It caters for all ages and there is so much for the children to do. Everything is sparkling clean and children can ride on a variety of rides for 1 euro. There is a giant fun house which, if you go between the hours of 11am and 1pm is 2 euros for children over 2 years of age and it then goes up to 5 euros. There is no time limit once you are inside and you can sit at the tables inside and have coffee and use their free wifi.


We visited everyday as there was so much for the kids to do, they made friends easily and everything was incredibly well thought out and clean. There is a separate area for children aged under 4 and a quiet area for them to sit and watch cartoons. We felt that each of the children were well catered for.


Cyprus is hot all year round with very little rain fall. If you are traveling with smaller children it may be better to avoid the month of August when it is generally one of the hottest months of the year. From January – April, you will see many Cypriots still wearing jeans and a light cardigan. It does generally get colder in the evenings and it is important to wrap up so you don’t catch a cold!




There are a variety of Greek supermarkets around Paphos. We loved Alpha Mega which is just around the corner from Planet Adventure. They all serve lots of fresh bread, vegetables and meat. The vegetables look as if they have just been pulled out of the ground and you can taste the difference. There is such a wide selection of food to choose from. Once thing I really noticed was how affordable food is and how you can buy in bulk. As Greeks have large families, this is very common. You can find everything you will need for your baby/children here.



Bakeries are everywhere in Cyprus. Stocked with an wide selection of fresh drinks, pastries, cakes, biscuits and bread. You must not leave Cyprus without trying a Goube!


There are mega buses which are air conditioned, that run frequently to all different destinations for 1 Euro. They are reliable, spacious and are a great way to get around if you haven’t hired a car.


Cyprus is a magical place for families. For us, it is very much like a second home.


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