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Dear Baby Bud

Dear Little Bud,

I woke up a few days ago with the most awful sickness and have just not been feeling myself lately. The feeling of nausea has stayed and I have just felt differently. Not like I want to quit my life and run off to the jungle but just different. I have been reflecting so much and am just ready to take a break now. A break from the stress of business and the merry go round that has perpetuated my life for the last six years. They say that timing is everything and it must be because yesterday I found out that I was pregnant with you!

It took a long time to decide whether to add to our family again. It’s crazy chaos at the best of times. Much of which I am sure you are going to witness but we have a lot of love and laughter to. We are going to love you soo much! you are going to have three older sisters and a brother that will fight over who you love the most, that will want to change you and squeeze you, push you around in your buggy and make you laugh your head off. You are going to LOVE being the baby.

Daddy and I are just so thrilled. We are keen for the next 12 weeks to pass so we can see you for the first time on the scan and make sure you are growing ok.

If you are going to be a girl, daddy is going to outnumbered massively but I think daddy was made to have little girls. He his sensitive, kind, funny, loving and when he throws his arms around you, you feel like he will protect you forever.  If you are a little boy then it will be a new experience for us all but I bet you will be just like him.

It’s a funny feeling learning that you are going to have a baby. I am aware that nine months really isn’t that long period of time yet it feels like we have this incredible journey ahead. I am so excited but nervous even though I have had your 4 siblings. I just hope with all of my heart that I can keep you safe for the next 9 months until it is time for you to arrive.


Mummy xxx

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