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Dear Julie,

Dear Julie,

I can only imagine what I must have been like as a child. I always had lots of energy and no matter how many times I asked you to play you always said yes. You patiently watched my shows I put on and played hide and seek with me, pretending not to see me as I stood right in front of you with my hands over my eyes.

You made so much time for me and even as I grew, you loved me, gave me time, patience and understanding. I loved you and still, love you.
I found it hard at times as mum and dad always seemed to be arguing about something but you never said a negative word to me. I honestly thank you so much for always protecting me and supporting my mother even when she said she didn’t need it.

You were never fond of titles anyway and I loved calling you Julie. It always felt wrong to use the term ‘step’. You were my lucky number 3 parent and always had a lot more patience with me than the other two.

I know you and dad didn’t go on to have any children of your ‘own’ but you were like a second mother to me. I loved you all in equal measures. Losing you and now having a child of my own has really made me see how much you sacrificed for me. I know you would have loved my daughter and I promise I will pass onto her the adventures we shared.

Thank you for being there. For loving me and teaching me so many wonderful things. My life wouldn’t have been anywhere near as great without you. I miss you every day and will never forget what you said to me on my wedding day, ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal, the curtain is up, you are on so give it your best shot’,

Thanks my Julie.

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