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Dear Midwife Joy,

Thank you for helping deliver my baby girl when I was all alone. Having my husband walk out only days before I was due was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had to deal with. 

I chose not to have anyone in the hospital with me but you were there. You didn’t press me, you didn’t ask questions, you just stroked my head and encouraged me. You cuddled me and let me know everything was going to be ok. You kept telling me how great I was doing as I cried in pain, refusing any pain relief. You rubbed my back and told me it wouldn’t be long till I had my baby girl in my arms.

I cried for everything I had lost. Unable to speak to anyone about what had happened. I felt powerless being so heavily pregnant and knew that every emotion I was experiencing our baby girl was too. 

You really saved me that day in so many ways. I will never forget your kindness. How you passed my daughter to me as soon as she was born for our skin to skin contact and the joy I felt as I met her for the first time. You moved us to a room on our own and checked on us throughout the evening to make sure we were ok. 

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and my daughter. I have never forgotten you and when I think back to the day Gemma was born I don’t think of sadness, I think of you and what you did for me. 

I want you to know that we are ok. Gemma is now 5 years old and the most wonderful little girl. She makes me smile everyday. I forgave my now ex husband for her sake really and whilst we don’t speak often, he is a wonderful father to Gemma. You were right, it was a new beginning. 

Thank you.

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