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Dear Mum to Be

Dear Mum to be,

I felt compelled to write as I know you will be just as worried about the world around us as I am at the moment.

I have been looking forward to meeting our baby since I found out I was pregnant and have planned every detail from how her bedroom will look, what pushchair we will buy to her first outfit to wear home. I even thought I would hire a doula and have my husband for there for the birth.

Sometimes things in life don’t go to plan and this is one of those things. With all the news of lockdown and safety I became petrified of giving birth. I had a beautiful Baby Shower planned that had to be cancelled and had envisaged having all of our lovely family over to meet her but that wasn’t to be.

I know there are worse things happening in the world but we are allowed to feel worried and disappointed. Just remember that this won’t all last forever and like me, you can plan lots of exciting things to come.

I gave birth 3 days ago with my midwife and my husband by my side. My midwife Janet was reassuring and took such good care of all of us. We are now home and whilst no one has been able to visit it has been great to have this little bubble and time to feed and get to know one another.

Good luck to you, I am sure you will take it all in your stride and it will all be over soon.

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