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Dear Stranger, It hasn’t been easy trying to breastfeed my son.

Dear Stranger

It hasn’t been easy trying to breastfeed my son. My boobs are a size 38FF incase you were wondering? Was it my boobs you were looking at or my baby son trying to latch on and feed on the big old melons? It’s tricky when you are in so much pain from having a little one suck on them constantly.

You didn’t seem very happy to see me feeding.You shook your head at me like I had done something to you, so why didn’t you just look the other way? I had my cover over me in the end and was already struggling with my tiny baby and everything else that you must have seen sprawled all over the table. 

What I could have done with was a very large glass of water and a chat. I would have happily spoken to you.

It’s a hard thing learning to be a mother and even harder trying to get to grips with a super hungry baby. It had taken me 2 whole hours to leave the house that day and was the first time I had been out in 10 days as I wasn’t sure about feeding him in public and was worried about him having a milk meltdown.

I am still feeding my little guzzler at now 10 months old and offer encouraging smiles to other breastfeeding mothers. So much so that they might just think I am a bit weird but I don’t care. That’s what I needed that day, an encouraging smile to let me know ‘you are doing great’

Maybe you don’t have any children but surely you must know someone that has a baby? Please be kinder next time. It’s only milk after all.

Dear Stranger, It’s been over 20 years and I can still remember you

Dear Stranger please don’t judge me