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Dear Stranger please don’t judge me

Dear Stranger,

Please don’t judge me for giving my toddler a dummy. You came up to me and said, ‘What a beautiful little girl, she would be even more beautiful without that disgusting thing in her mouth’.

I was so taken aback that I didn’t know what to say back but it didn’t stop you from saying such an awful thing. As her mother it is a choice I have made. I don’t see a problem with giving her a dummy and I doubt she will be walking around with it at 30 years old.

I know people like to comment on anything when it comes to children but if a dummy provides her with a little bit of comfort and me with a little bit of quiet then I will happily give it to her. You see, it’s hard being a mother, especially to a toddler who can have a meltdown at any given moment.

If only you had seen her 30 minutes earlier in the middle of Boots as I was trying to pay for 3 items. I couldn’t give her, her yoghurt she was demanding as my hands were full of items to pay. My stress levels must have risen considerably as everyone stopped and stared.

As I left the shop you came up to me and if only you could have offered some reassuring words.

So please, be a bit kinder next time. I am doing the best I can.


Dear Stranger, It hasn’t been easy trying to breastfeed my son.

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