Deliciously Ella reveals she is expecting her second child

Deliciously Ella has announced she is expecting her second child. 

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday morning, the health guru, full name Ella Woodward, 28, shared a sweet snap with her husband Matthew Mills and their daughter Skye, eight months, who was sweetly holding an ultrasound snap.  

She added a caption reading: ‘Skye’s going to be a big sister. We’re feeling so lucky to hold on to something so special while the world feels so topsy turvy, and whilst of course it’s a little unnerving to be navigating pregnancy in this climate…

‘We are just so incredibly grateful. Like everyone else, we’re staying quietly at home, taking Austin and Skye our for a little daily walk on our own, which this morning was the quietest and emptiest I’ve ever seen London. Sending so much love to you all’.

Following Skye’s birth, Ella explained last year to her social media followers why the couple had opted for an alternative birth after researching hypnobirthing and water births, and described labour as ‘powerful’ and ‘intense’.

Their daughter Skye Tessa Camilla Davan Mills, was given her middle name in honour of her late mother-in-law, Labour MP Tessa Jowell.

Writing about the birth, Ella explained she first started thinking about hypnobirthing when a friend sent her a book on the practice shortly after she’d announced her pregnancy which led them to look into further before meeting with their midwife.

‘It just felt so right for us,’ she went on. ‘I’d heard so many horror stories and had a lot of fear around the process, so I was really interested in exploring something a bit different if I could.’

But Ella added she thought there was no ‘right or wrong way to bring a child into this world’ as long as they came into it safely.

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