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Do you own, or are you thinking of buying a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine?

In light of recent media attention and knowing the machine is a much-loved part of many parent’s feeding routine, Tommee Tippee would like to reassure everyone that after investigation they remain completely confident that the Perfect Prep delivers a safe and convenient feed for your baby.

‘We’d like to thank all parents for their patience, whilst we carried out our investigations into concerns about some Perfect Prep machines. We’re pleased to advise that we now have an update for you, which includes some additional ways to clean your machine’.

After extensive discussions with the filter manufacturer, we remain 100% confident that it is impossible for bacteria to enter the pipework through the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep filter.

We are aware – because you’ve told us – that some affected machines have at some point been used with a non-Tommee Tippee filter. Other brands do not contain the ultra-filtration antibacterial filter needed to remove bacteria, which could lead to bacteria and visible (but harmless) carbon deposits forming in the pipes. Even if a non-Perfect Prep filter is used only once, it can allow bacteria into the system.

However, we do know that some parents who say that they have only ever used the Tommee Tippee filter, are still seeing build-up.

If this is the case, it is possible that bacteria has entered the pipes through accidental cross-contamination. It’s easy for this to happen, but, don’t worry, this can be remedied with the cleaning cycle described below, and by taking some simple additional preventative every-day steps when changing the filter and cleaning your machine.

Either way, if you are concerned about build up in your machine for any reason, you can clean the machine and remove the build-up by running the following cleaning instructions. Run a first cleaning cycle with a sterilising solution such as Milton or food grade white vinegar. Then run a second cleaning cycle with water as per the normal recommended cleaning cycle instructions. Our tests have shown that doing this will remove any build-up or carbon deposits. You can then continue to use your machine as normal with confidence.

However, it is very important that your everyday routine includes simple hygiene steps such as keeping formula away from the hopper and only ever holding the top of the filter. A full update of instructions and support on cleaning the machine and handling the filter can be found below.

Cleaning your Perfect Prep every four weeks helps your machine enjoy a long and happy life. We recommend that you follow our additional cleaning cycle which is detailed below.


  • Ensure your hands and all surfaces that come into contact with the machine and its components are clean
  • Remove the water hopper and filter
  • Clean the external surfaces of the machine with an antibacterial solution, taking care to clean in all crevices. At this time the hopper should be cleaned using hot soapy water, rinsed thoroughly, and allowed to dry naturally (do not use cloths or tea towels to dry).
  • Drop ½ Milton tablet into the Perfect Prep water chamber (or use a similar suitable solution of sodium hypochlorite cleaner such as “Bruclens”). Alternatively, use 1 litre of clear /”white” (food grade) vinegar. Please note – if using white vinegar, this will not remove any discolouration in pipework, as it doesn’t have the same properties as a cleaner, but we assure you that this is as effective in all other ways.
  • Fill the water tank with freshly boiled water and place a suitable container under the spout
  • Press the cleaning button on the side of the machine to start a cleaning cycle, as per our instructions
  • When the tank is half empty, press the start button to pause the cleaning cycle
  • Wait 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes, re-start the cleaning cycle by pressing the cleaning cycle button for the second time, holding down for 2-seconds, allowing the cycle to fully complete. Discard the contents from the container used.
  • Now boil a fresh kettle of water, and add to the water chamber, run the cleaning cycle straight through this time (replace the empty container under the spout)
  • Refit a Tommee Tippee filter to the water hopper (this should only be a new filter if you are concerned about possible cross contamination, you have previously used your machine without the Perfect Prep approved filter, it is 3 months since you changed your filter, or the “change filter light” is flashing).
    • If using a brand new Tommee Tippee filter, be sure to follow the usual set-up guidelines prior to refitting it to the water hopper
    • Once fitted to the machine, press the reset filter volume button down for 2-seconds to clear the memory
    • After adding fresh water to the hopper; run a 4oz cycle, discarding the water
  • Refit the hopper and fitted Tommee Tippee filter into the machine
  • Add fresh water to the hopper. Once the water has filtered through and the “fill water” light has gone out, your machine is ready to use.

The Product manuals can also be downloaded here:

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