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ELC Build It Construction Starter Set

For all budding builders or for children who like to create, this is a great Christmas gift.

The Build It Construction starter set comes with an incredible 80 pieces and with six different assembly options. Providing your child with a set that they can use over and over again. Whether they would like to build a robot with swivelling eyes or a dog, the options are there for your child to choose from.

We loved this set for many reasons. The recommended age is 3+ and each piece is big enough for a child to hold and manage independently. Brightly coloured and well made, they will enjoy spending time with the screwdriver or even their hands. This is a great set for confidence building and encouraging different areas of play.

We observed our two testers as they set to work and it was lovely to see them sharing and working together to build their ‘Super Car’ they had thought of. They shared the screwdriver and were happily content to just carry on playing once their car had been completed. Making their own car sounds and pushing it to and fro to each other. After twenty minutes, they wanted to take it apart and start all over again. This set has alot of mileage and it is almost impossible to get bored as the opportunities to change and build are endless. In terms of value of money, £40 is a great price as you have everything you will need in the box.

With no batteries required, this is a simply, lift out of the box and away you go bonus. There are other Build It sets to choose from which is a great idea if you would like to add to  your set. In terms of this starter set, there is enough in the box to keep your child happy for  many months after Christmas. We would definitely recommend it.

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