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ELC Cash Register

Name: ELC Cash Register
Price: £22.00
Accessories: Shopping Basket: £4.00
Age Range: From 3 years


Imaginary play is a healthy part of a child’s imagination and the game of ‘shop’ is one all adults can remember playing as a child. Admittedly, I must admit that we all had a great deal of fun setting up our pretend ‘Supermarket’ and loading the till with pretend ELC money. One of the key features which we loved and brought us all endless laughter was the actual working microphone! the children loved talking into it and pretending that they needed help or assistance.


It is a great to toy to encourage counting and teamwork. We took it in turns to be the shopper, the clerk and the packer. The ELC shopping basket is available to buy for only £4 and I really didn’t mind paying extra for this as the fruit and money is already included in the price.

The buttons work once the register is switched on and we went through the different numbers on the till, adding, counting and scanning each product with the pretend scanner. The cash draw also pops out at the press of the button. We used a gift card as a pretend debit card and the children really enjoyed all of the added extra features.


We loved this toy for it’s affordable price, the fun elements of play we enjoyed and also the educational angle which  allowed us to interact in a really fun and engaging way.

A definite 10/10 from us all.


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