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ELC Sand and Water Table

The ELC table is recommended for ages 18 months+ and it is the perfect height for little people. Eva is 21 months old and played happily with her older sister who is six years of age.




The water table is easy to assemble and has four sturdy legs which are easy to take on and off if you wish you store it sideways. We have simply covered it with the lid on rainy days and felt that it does not take up too much room at all. It is actually a nice friendly addition to our garden. The lid is waterproof and we stored all of the toys inside when it was not in use. As it also doubles as a car track, we often popped outside and raced a few toy cars on top on colder days.


Appearance and play:

Bold in colour, it is available in Green and Blue or Pink and Lime Green. It comes with 10 fun toys which you can easily rotate and we have had lots of fun scooping the water up and watching it filter through the funnels.  We really liked the smiley faces and whirly faces that are imprinted on the toys. There has clearly been alot of thought that has gone into the design element which has been well received by the children.

We have been starting to learn about colours and it has been really educational for Eva, pointing out the different colours of each tool and listening to her repeat them. We also tested items to see if they would float or sink. This was greeted with alot of splashing and laughter.


One side of the table can be filled with sand. It is great to encourage rotation of play and build sandcastles on one side. We found that by placing a mat underneath the sand side, we were able to scoop up all of the sand that the children had spilt. Alternatively, you could also fill both sides with water which we also did.


This table is great value for money. If you want to add any extra toys, you could always use bath toys. We had lots of Happyland figures swimming in the water and toy boats which we also use for bath time play.



A definite number one must have toy for the Summer. 10/10


Pack contents: 1 x sandpit, 1 x sandpit cover, 1 x boat, 2 x star moulds, 2 x funnels, 2 x spinning wheels, 1 x scoop, 1 x roller and wheel set, 1 x rake, 1 x spade.

Size: Height 45cm x length 65cm x width 65cm.

RRP: £45.00

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