‘Embrace baby-time…and The Power of Soft!’

Every new mum has that moment. That moment. That moment when you look down at your tiny, new-born baby, full of overwhelming, incomprehensible love, and question ‘can I do this?’ But then you realise that there is a tiny part of you that seems to know exactly what it’s doing, when you put down the baby books and stop worrying about all the little things; that’s called mother’s instinct. Fairy Non Bio is incredibly proud to have seen millions of mums through every step of their journey with their baby and their new campaign, The Power of Soft, is all about encouraging mums to make the most of every giggle, gurgle and cuddle with their new born.

With the benefit of hindsight it feels obvious to reassure new mums to relax, and embrace their baby-time, but in the moment it’s all too easy to see priorities elsewhere. How many times have you felt pressure to just get that load of washing on, or have a quick whizz-around with the hoover? As a new mum those fleeting first months with your new-born rush past like nothing else and it’s clear to see how quickly chores can add up, and eat into your time with baby. But this time is so precious; Fairy’s research found that 70% of parents with babies 9 months+ said that the one thing they would have done differently as a new parent was spending more time cuddling their baby. Looking back on super-soft new-born cuddles, Fairy’s survey revealed that experienced parents are even more appreciative of how fleeting time with new borns is. Mothers said they would  give up Facebook (73%), sacrifice chocolate (70%), and swap spending time with their partner (30%) to go back and have just one more precious cuddle with their new born.

Anastasia Roumelioti from Fairy Non Bio comments, “We understand that baby’s first few months are incredibly precious for both mother and child.  Fairy Non Bio is helping to make every embrace as special as possible by leaving the baby’s clothes super soft. We know time is fleeting and so are encouraging mums to spend as much time cuddling with their new born as possible. This is the power of softness: unlocking the memory of the perfect, soft cuddle before time takes it away.”

Those drowsy, heady new-born cuddles will become treasured memories all too soon. So let the dishes stack up, let the carpet bobble, neglect the white wash & if you and baby are most comfortable in your pyjamas, why change? Trust your instincts; embrace your precious baby-time and The Power of Soft!



Other top advice to new mums from the Fairy Non Bio survey included:

1.            Mummy knows best even when she thinks she doesn’t

2.            Try not to be super mum

3.            You can’t spoil your baby with cuddles

4.            Sleep when the baby does

5.            Housework can wait

6.            Take a ‘baby moon’

7.            Don’t compare yourself to other mothers – every baby is different

8.            Trust your instincts

9.            Treasure every moment

10.          If you thought you were in love before you had a baby – wait till you meet your baby!

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P&G and Fairy Non Bio have recently launched The Power of Soft campaign, which is encouraging mums to embrace the power of super-soft cuddles. Visit for more information, and show us your special cuddle moments @PGUK using #ThePowerofSoft

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